30.20 - Computer File Backup and Recovery

January 11, 2010

A. General. Information Technology Services (ITS) supports file backup and recovery for all computer systems maintained. The following guidelines are provided for user information:

A-1. Backups. Files are backed up between midnight and 6 am daily. ITS maintains a minimum of two weeks of backup cycles. Therefore, a user may request the restoration of lost files up to two weeks in the past. [ed. 1-10]

A-2. File Restores. An individual requesting restoration or lost files on the ITS administrative systems should contact the Help Desk by electronic mail at (Help Desk Email) or by calling (208) 885-4357 (dial 5-HELP). [rev. 1-10]

A-3. Recovery. Generally, the turnaround time for recovery is 2 business days, and the last day a good file existed must be known for a successful restore (multiple turnaround periods may be required if multiple day’s backups must be searched). [ed. 1-10]