I Tower in Fall

Merchandise Ordering Form

When is this form necessary? If you think the waiver of the standard royalty is justified, this form will provide all the necessary information to determine whether or not it can be waived. If you are unsure it's always best to fill it out just in case the royalty can be waived.

When can the royalty be waived?
A royalty waiver is only granted for items produced for internal use and used as a “uniform”. These items must be purchased with department funds. All other uses of trademarks on products are subject to royalties. This includes: sales for fundraising projects, sales to individual members of an organization, or if the price of an item is built into a fee (i.e. event registration).

Note: Vendor must be licensed with the University of Idaho. Click here for a list of officially licensed vendors.

Please send Artwork to the T&L Office for review.