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Heritage Society

The Heritage Society was founded in 1993 to recognize alumni and friends of the University of Idaho who have made a future commitment through planned gifts to support the strategic initiative and goals of the university through student scholarships, faculty enhancements, classroom facilities and technology advancements.

C. Eugene and Connie J. Allen
J. Robert and Sonja J. Alexander
Richard W. and Sharon L. Allen
Elaine Ambrose
Julia P. Ames
Jennifer L. (Calkins) Anderson '80
Les C. and Mary E. Anderson
Michael M. and Jeannie Anderson
Phillip D. and Janell K. Anderson
Trudy J. & Donald H. Anderson
Alyce and Michael Archuleta
John Lee Armitage
Jim and Mary A. Asaph
Amy K. Ash
Clen P. and Emma Atchley
Steven A. and Patsy M. Atkinson
Ann M. Averitt
Larry and Robyn Ayer
John M. and Lois E. Ayers

Evalyn I. Baker
William P. Barnes
Kenneth D. and Julie Barrows
Elna M. Barton
James A. and Mary K. Batdorf
L. Lee Bath
Janice L. Batt
Maxine C. Behrman
Donna G. Belknap
Melinda Ann Belt
Marilyn Pond Bengtson
August and B. Kay Benz
J. Burton Berlin
Alan T. Bermensolo
Charles A. Berry
Harvey T. and Myrna Bickett
Edward and Barbara Bickford
Harry E. and Pearl Bilger
Eric Q. Billings
Kenton Bird and Gerri Lee Sayler
Caroline M. Bitterwolf
Linda L. Blackwelder-Pall
Clara R. Bleak
Shirley Blick
Gerald C. Blount and Mary K. Harris
Doris Boice
John R. Bolliger
James M. Bonnett
Roy M. Bowman, Jr.
William F. and Joan L. Boyd
Michael L. Bozzini
Ernest E. and Carla J. Bratley
Ben L. Brooks
James B. and Shellie A. Bronson
Mark Wendell Brown
Sylvia C. Buerkle 
Frederic H. Burrow
Thomas G. and  Rebecca A. Busmann
Mr. C. Loren Butler
William D. Butler
Leonard I. and Helen E. Byrne

Dr. George F. and Caroline S. Canney
Heather (Weitfle Johnson) and Rick Carosone
Buddy L. and Sheryl M. Carter
Patricia Chase
Marcia L. Chatalas
Arthur W. Chiko
Richard M. Childs, Jr.
Vicki and Bill Christensen
Caroline E. Christenson
Dave C. and Lisa M. Churchman
Jeff and Kathy Cilek
Kathy D. Clark
Steven E. Clayton
Scott Gustave Clyde
Gregory C. and Melissa L. Coman
Dorothy E. Cone
Dennis J. and Susan J. Conley
Tammy R. Cook
Patricia A. Cooke
Bob and Betsy Costi
Nola C. Covington
John and Karen Cowden
Mary Jean Craig
Katherine "Kit" Craine
Tim and Eileen Crowder
Alan B. and Mary Ann Curtis

Robert L. and Carol E. Dahlberg
Glen W. and Bonnie J. Dahmen
Dorothy J. Dale
Richard H., Jr. and Cindy L. Darnell
Brenda G. Dau
Madeline David
P. Michael and Linda S. Davidson
Emily P. Davis
Joan W. Day
Stanley P. Desjardins and June M. Rudyk
James A. and Alice B. DeShazer
James K. and Tammy H. Dickinson
Winifred P. Dixon
Elizabeth Doss
Sandra D. Dunn
Carl F. and Kirby A. Dyess

Marlene A. Easton
Curtis Eck & Toni Lawson
Thomas L. and Helen J. Edmark
Doris Edwards
Karen I. Elder
Leif Elgethun
James and Kerry Elliott
Beverly P. Ellis
Roy J. and Frances Tovey Ellsworth
Mark and Laurie Engberg
Jon E. Erickson
Matthew J. and Lori S. Espe
Maryon E. Evans

M. Eleanor Fahrenwald
Virginia A. Farrell
James and Dawna Fazio
Michelle Fehr
J. Brent Fery and Sandra L. Fery
Bonnie J. Fisher
James A. and Jan Fisher
Melville W. Fisher II
Melvin G. and Arlene L. Fisk
June Fitzgerald
Howard R. and Tere L. Foley
Ronald W. Force
Meta Foster
Richard E. Fredekind
Daniel D. and Leah L. Frye

Carolyn A. Gaddis
Sharlene F. Gage
John G. Galli
Eleanor R. Gardner
Andrew C. Gauss
Lois M. Gentry
Archie A. and Mary W. George
Kathryn Paxton George, Ph.D.
Rukuhsana Ghazanfar
Alfred E. Giese
David F. Giese
Paul S. Giles
Florence W. Gillette
Jeff and Joanna Glaze
Janet M. Godshall
Larry L. Goins
Danette Golis-Variano
Kimbal L. and Karen E. Gowland
Harold E. Granlund
Ronald N. and Diane Plastino Graves
Robert C. Greeley
Edson (Ed) Griswold
Charles D. Gross
Terri Guenthner
Joseph J. and Kathryn Norma Guido
Timothy D. and Joan M. Gutzwiller

Jeanette A. Hackney
Garth D. Haddock
Timothy J. and Christine M. Haener
John Hale
Jeanne M. Halloran
Gail E. Hanninen
H. Ralph and Nova J. Hatch. John A. and Gretchen L. Harder
Carl L. and Gloria R. Harris
Dan and Jody Harris
Michael B. Harrison
Cindy K. Hart
Norbert and Eileen Potucek Hartmann
F. Marshall and Sharon A. Hauck
David H. Hawk
Jack W. and Julie Holden Hawkins
James V. and Gail R. Hawkins
Mary Jane Hayes
Eloise B. Helbling
James E. Hemphill
Deena J. Henkins
Alice E. Hennessey
Evan Berdett and D. Yvonne Hess
Margo E. Hikida
Charlotte J. Hill and Carol Lisek
Dr. Brian K. and Gayle K. Hill
Richard L. and Janice D. Hill
Jane Holman
Margie R. Hoops
Robert A. and Leslee J. Hoover
Dr. Jonathan H. and Mrs. Karen C. Hoppert
Dennis Thayer Hopwood
Marilyn J. Horton
Larry G. and Nancy K. Huettig
Bonnie J. Hultstrand
Judy Hundrup
Arthur E. and Sheila D. Humphrey
Don and Stephanie Hutton

Gary M. and Elaine L. Ihle
Joy D. Irving
Nancy Wilson Ives

Richard W. and Trudy J. Jackson
Ruth W. Jensen
Amy L. Johannesen
Alan B. and Kyle-Jean John
Whit Johnson
Kenneth M. and Jan Jones
Robert T. and E. Jean Jones
Richard A. and Jill H. Jurvelin

Dr. Dennis D. and Linda R. Keiser
Brian T. Kelly & Marianna Roetto
Gregory L. Kimberling
Taso C. Kinnas
Larry R. and Cathy Kirk
John M. Kirtland
Richard A. and Elise M. Klingensmith
Karl C. Klokke
Ruth Ann Knapp
Lawrence L. and Kathryn A. Knight
David M. and Blanche R. Kohli 
John Lund Kriken

James C. and Sandra Rutledge Lancaster
Carol Ann and Jerry Lange
Joel Lankford and Lane Grant
Leonard L. and Janis R. Lawr
Richard K. Lehlbach
David S. And Julie L. Levine
J. Bradley and Jennifer Lee Lewis
Edward G. and Susan Kay Lieser
Grete Lindeborg
Gregory D. and Heidi C. Linehan
Jim W. and Marilyn K. Linford
Glenn G. and Corene A. Litteer
Karen R. Longeteig
Bekki A. Lukens
Gene H. Luntey
Gregory W. and Pamela Lynch

Mary Ann Macinko
Gene C. and Lila M. Maier
Scott L. and Maria G. Mallory
Scott and Maribeth Marboe
Martin J. and Linda A. Marler
Dorene Marshall
Olive Marshall
William H. Mason
Daniel T. and Cynthia A. Mattson
Carol A. McCall
Michael D. McCoy
F. Parker and Beverly S. McCreary
William McDougall
Robert G. and Ann Marie J. McGee
Eugene A. and Alice J. McHale
Thomas A. and Corinne K. McKean
Eugene and Rita J. Mecherikoff
Marilyn Hammer Meechan
Dr. Gary G. Michael
John A. and Margaret Ann Miller
Laurie Ann Miller
William Charles Miller
Carlos E. Milner, Jr.
John L. and Faith G. Milton
Leland L. and Mary Margaret Mink
Terry P. and Ann Mix
James E. Morris
Linda J. Morris
Larry W. and Janice A. Moore
William B. and Marilyn Moore
Sharon A. Murray
Robert E. and Faye Sargent Mytinger

John and Nancy Nation
Gregory L. Nelson
Terry L. Nelson
Walt and Pat Nelson
Gene H. and Susan C. Nesbitt
Beckie A. Nichols
Gerard J. Niday
Lois T. Nishida
William W. and Judy A. Nixon
Donna J. Nokes
Debra M. Noren
Linda and Lawrence Nye

Dr. Jo Anne O’Donnell
Bradford C. and Anne O’Connor
Patricia L. Odberg
Frederick M. and V. Gayle Oleksiak
Eric C. and Connie B. Olson
Jeffrey K. Olson
Wayne L. Olson
Gerald and Judy Orthel

Richard H. Paris
Lyle H. and Sharon K. Parks
Edward E. and Sharon M. Parsons
William A. Parsons
Richard A. and Marion J. Patterson
Robert D. Payne
Catherine J. Perez
Richard Q. Perry
Dr. Brian K. Peterson
Hazel C. Peterson
Julius E. Peterson
Robert A. and Victoria E. Peterson
Douglas W. Pilant
Kenneth W. and Patricia Pober
David A. and Mary Alice Poe
Fred R. and Cherie B. Pond
Cary D. Poston
Judith M. Powers
Mary K. Pressey
Stewart W. Pugh
Edison K. Putman

Brian Robert Raber
Janet Orr Randall and Bruce MacEvoy
David and Ginger Rankin
Carol L. Rasmussen
Captain Phil and Nancy Reberger
Robert L. and Karla Reed
Jerry B. and Barbara G. Reese
Beverly Rhoades
Ken and Michelle Riddle
Patt and Keith T. Riffle
James H. and Susan E. Ritter
Michael D. Roach
Dean A. Robbins
Richard B. Roberts
Susan B. Roberts
Charles L. and Dianne H. Robertson
Anita E. Robinson and G. Chris Kutteruf
Richard L. and Kathlyn P. Rocca
Dana S. and Gina M. Rogers
Ben R. and Anna M. Rolphe
Robert E. and Marcia S. Ross
George W. Rothweiler
J.D. Rowell
Kristen A. Ruffing
Chris W. Rullman
Susan Rumble

Noreen M. Sandel
Claude W. Sappington
Marilyn Ruth Sargent
Donald B. and Ann K. Schaechtel
Richard A. and Linda G. Schellenger
Rodney K. and Kathy L. Schenck
Sidney J. Scribner
Forrest E. Sears, Jr.
David E. Sell
Nancy Nadolski and Steven Severn
Donna K. Shepard
Richard L. and Sally S. Shoup
Calvin and Carol Smith
Daryl L. and Deborah L. Smith
Richard R. and Ruth Ann Smith
Trini Snow
Richard L. and Patty Sorenson
Nancy N. Spear
Kevin and Sue Speer
Janet Hoyt Sperry
Ron and Cathleen Stearns
James A. and Janet Steele
James D. Stephens
Donald P. and H. Maxine Stewart
Carole J. Steiner
Stanley W. and Rita A. Stolte
Ronald M. and Bette S. Stone
Eric M. and Ines Storhok
W.G., Jr. and Laura J. Stover
Daniel J. Strayer
Gary E. and Carolyn J. Strong
Elizabeth M. Sullivan
Joan E. Sullivan
Pat and Cathleen Sullivan
Kathryn A. Supko
Warren and Tara Swanson

Richard K. and Kathryn M. Talbott
Dorothy I. Tallent
Edward and Suzanne K. Roffler-Tarlov
Trevor S. and LeeAnn K. Tarter
Richard E. Tavis
Ann L. Taylor
David Taylor
John M. Terry
Carolyn E. Terteling-Payne
David G. Thiessen
Wayne L. and Peggy J. Thiessen
Richard W. and Stephanie S. Thomas
Wayne W. Thomas
D. John and Vikki Thornton
John S. Townsend
Martin L. and Julie M. Trail
Thomas F. and JoAnn S. Trail
Lois J. Tretter
Geraldine Hastings Turner
Raymond G. and Bonnie K. Turner

Dennis K. and Debra L. Ujiiye
Gail and Captain Bob Urso

Wayne H. Valentine
Phyllis J. Vettrus
Paul and Christiane B. Von Reichert

Jamie Lynn Wagner
Chien M. Wai
Joseph W. and Carol L. Walker
M. Elizabeth Ware
Jeff and Pearl Watts
Garry R. and Linda I. Webb
Gordon and Marian Webb
Priscilla S. Wegars
Glen C. and Nancy Weiser
Lucinda Weiss
Wayne L. Weseman
Ray A. and Annie Wiese
Franklin K. Wheelock
James and Kathryn Whistler
Andrew T. White
Daniel B. Whiting
George D. and Kathleen D. Whitlock
Craig A. and Linda B. Wiegman
Marna R. Wier
Claud R. and Diana Lynn Wilhite
Larry D. and Winnie E. Williams
Richard and Cherol Williams
Ronald M. Winans
Bonnie J. Winton
David E. and Susan B. Wishney
Gaylen H. and Mary M. Wood
Kelly A. and Cathy J. Wood
Mary Lee Wood
Rita M. Wood
Parker G. and Myrna K. Woodall 
Robert K. Woodhead
Dr. Ken J. and Ginger Wright

Joan C. Yocom
John R. and Helen K. Yuditsky
Robert J. and Mary Kay Yuditsky

John R. and JoAn W. Zanot
John Zbozen, Jr.

Listed below are those persons who were Heritage Society members by virtue of their expressed intentions during their lifetimes. Though they have passed on from this life, they shall be remembered and honored for their generosity and foresight.

Sally J. Ahlskog
Howard E. Ahlskog Jr.
Leona Ambrose
Alfred B. Anderson
Bernard A. Anderson
Ethel K. Anderson
Mary Margaret Anderson
Richard B. Anderson
Beulah K. Archer
Paul W. Atwood

B. Bernice Bacharach
Myrtle Bain
Herbert D. and Dolores S. Barnes
Dorothy T. Barnes
Elbert Barton
Mark and June Bauer
Robert W. Beamer
James A. Becque
Bill S. Belknap
Verna D. Bell
Sherman Bellwood
John H. Bengtson
Nancy J. Berry
Edith Betts
Thomas E. Bitterwolf
Ralph Bleak
Calvin W. Boice
Betty T. Brockett
Annette Brooks
John S. Burlison
Billy and Margery A. Bush
E. Jack Byrne

Harry A. Campbell
John S. Chapman
Maurine M. Cherrington
Charles O. Christenson
Russell L. Chrysler
Fred and Dorothy Dyott Clagett
James E. Clovis
Robert Cobb
Elwood E. Cone
Robert L. Culbertson

Paul W. Dale
Winthrop Dale
A. Darius Davis
Michael F. Day
Edward G. and Martha I. Davis
Kenneth A. Dick
John E. Dixon
Beatrice Dayton Dolan
Frederick E. and Heloise M. Drager
Frances G. Drake
William C. Dresser
Darwin Doss
Xavier E. and Mary Ellen Durant
F. Ruth Durham

Gene D. Easton
C. Gordon Edgren
Herbert M. and Beulah M. Edwards
Dorothy Ann Effertz and William E. Effertz, Jr.
Valerie R. Elliott
Burton F. and Dee H. Ellis

Stuart W. and Kathryn V. Fader
Richard E. Fahrenwald
Robert M. Finlayson
John O. Fitzgerald
Frank Jr. and Peggy Fletcher
Paul E. Follette
William E. and Carolyn A. Folz
Bonnie Kuehl Ford
James A. Foster, Jr.
Eloise Frank
Floyd W. Frank

Clinton J. Gardner
Bette J. Gates
Thomas R. Gates
Jerald D. Gentry
S.M. Ghazanfar
Letitia R. Giese
Mary E. Giles
Leslie H. Gillette
Fred R. Gleave
Elma M. Goodman
John O. Gray
Leon G. Green
Nancy L. Gregory
Robert M. and Dolores A. Griffith
Judith A. Gross

Mildred M. Haberly
Margie A. Haddock
Verna I. Hall
Leonard Halland
Eugenia A. Hamblin
Bobby C. Hamilton
Glenna Hamilton
George A. and Lucille M. Hardgrove
Pauline W. Harris
Miriam Hatch
Bonnie J. Hawk
Walter C. and Myldred Hayes
Harold F. and Ruth M. Heady
Art Helbling
Thomas M. Hennessey
Mildred M. Hensley
Betty Jane Hervey
Frances W. Hirschi
Dwight S. and Melva Hoffman
K. Jean Holmes
Ivan C. Hopkins
Shirley P. Horning
Gertrude Drissen Hudson
Rick Hundrup
Pauline D. Hunt
J. Stuart Hutchins
Nancy B. Hutchins

J. Robert and Bonnie J. Jackson
Robert E. Jensen
Erling J. Johannesen
John O. Johnson
Elmer M. Johnston
Myron E. Johnston
Roger L. and Nancy Joy Jones

Marion G. Kalbus
Lillian Keegan
Thomas A. Keegan
Katharine K. Kemp
Dick Kerbs
Thor Kiilsgaard
Norman D. Kimball
Barbara L. Kitchens
Edith Miller Klein
George M. and Elvera V. Klein
Marvin Klemme
Ann S. Klingensmith
Rosalie Koenig
Katherine Koelsch Kriken

Allyn Richard Larsen
E. Richard Larson
Margaret Larson
Elsie E. Lathen
Russell K. LeBarron
Duane J. and Phyllis LeTourneau
Lawrence M. Lineberger
Randall G. Litton
Eugene C. and Marjorie Logue
Elbert M. Long
James R. Lucas and Violet Lucas
Maurice B. and Alice J. Lynch

George Macinko
W. Don Mackin
J Michael Mahoney 
Curtis W. Mann
Robert H. Manz
John R. Marks, Jr.
Boyd A. and Grace C. Martin
James W. Martin and Beulah L. Martin
Harold and Velma Martindale
Kenneth B. Marshall
Margareta O. Mason
Tomar Mason
Ellis L. Mathes
Fred D. and Irene H. Maurer
Keith K. McDaniel
Vaughan P. McDonald
Valetta A. McGill
Doris M. McGinty
Mary Alice McGovern
William C. McGowan
Helen M. McKinney
Clarence R. and M. Helena Meltesen
Laura Menard
Richard W. and Jan W. Merrill
Albert A. and Jean M. Monnett
Wallace P. and Dorothy Monnett
Winfred B. Moorer
David W. Morehouse
Joseph W. Mrachek
Patsy S. Munroe

Richard J. Naskali
Olive E. Nelson
Robert James Nelson Sr.
Sarah Nettleton
Shirley A. Newcomb
Glenn W. Nichols
John M. Nickerson
Herald S. Nokes
David R. Nordby

Ralph Lee Olmstead
Glenn B. Owen, Sr. and Kathryn F. Owen

Beverly A. Parsons
Barbara H. Pendergast
James W. and Carolyn M. Pennington
Ronald C. Perez
Charles F. and Katheryne E. Peterson
James D. Pittenger and Kathleen M. Pittenger
H. Michael Porter
Francis B. Porzel
James I. Powers
Willis W. Pressey
A. J. Priest
George E. Pynchon
Leonard G. Pyne
R. Marie Pyne

Donald D. and Kathryn Daly Ramseyer
Edwin J. Ratajak
Betty Lee Raymer
James A. Raymer
Malcolm M. and Carol C. Renfrew
Edgar E. Renfrew
John S. Retherford
Laurie Retherford
Marjorie D. Richardson
William H. Richardson
Marjorie G. Rieske
Donald Ellis Roberts
Richard L. Roby
G. Wayne Rodeback
Julia E. Rolland
John W. Roper
Dorothy S. Ross
Patton A. Ross
Richard H. Ross
Jean C. Rudolph
Joe Rumble
Wade Rumney
Everett V. Samuelson
Lois E. Samuelson
Andrew L. Sandel
L. Weldon Schimke
Phillip H. Schnell
Velma Scholl
Agnes Crawford Schuldt
F. Wayne Schultz
Victor O. and Miriam Sellers
David M. Sellgren
Shirley K. and H. Russell Severn
Dr. Harriet L. Shaklee
Gladys A. Shelton
Savel B. Silverborg
Clarence Simonson
Victor H. and Ruth N. Skiles
John R. Smiley
Daryl L. and Deborah L. Smith
Minerva K. Terteling Smith
Pearl R. Snider
Gerald J. Snow
Melvin C. Snow
Barbara J. Spencer
Beatrice Stalker
Herman F. and Doris J. Steger
Richard A. Steiner
Carol E. Stewart
Dr. Richard B. Stewart
J. Robert and Lois L. Stillinger
Robert C. and Shirley L. Strom
J. Kirk Sullivan
Albert H. Suttmann
Bruce L. and Marilyn M. Sweeney
Alene M. Swindler
William A. and Dorothy S. Sylvies

Lee Anne Tavis
Donald L. and LaVerne N. Taylor
Earlene J. Taylor
Eline L. Taylor
John R. and Earlene J. Taylor
Paul F. Taylor
Richard E. and Anne M. Thatcher
Richard and LaVonne Thomas
Wilma I. Thomas
Eugene Thompson
Jacqueline A. Thompson
JoAnne C. Thompson
Marjorie R. Thompson
Michael Thompson
Dean D. Thornton
Norah S. Tisdale
Jon G. Trail
Margaret A. Trefren
Vincent J. Tretter
Bryson D. and Shirley D. Trexler
Harry B. Turner

Gail D. Ulrey

Caroline S. Valentine
Dean L. Vettrus

Lily C. Wai
William B. Wallace
Bonita R. Wallis
Charles O. Wamstad
Lindarae P. Watts
E. Gay Welch
L. Dean Welch
Lillian O. White
Darrell G. Whitehead
Marie H. Whitesel
Herbert L. Wickstrand and Loretta O. Wickstrand
Lawrence D. Wier
Kyle J. Wilson
Thomas I. Wilson
Ella Mae Winans
Inez E. Winegar
Kieth A. Winton
Fred H. Winkler
Douglas A. Wood
Herbert M. and Elizabeth P. Woodcock
Dolores L. Woodhead
Thomas C. Wright
Theodore W. Yocom
Joe L. and Dorothy J. Zaring

Contact Us

Physical Address:
University Advancement Annex
619 Nez Perce Drive
Moscow, ID

Phone: 208-885-5760

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Dr.
MS 3201
Moscow, ID


Contact Us

Physical Address:
University Advancement Annex
619 Nez Perce Drive
Moscow, ID

Phone: 208-885-5760

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Dr.
MS 3201
Moscow, ID