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Course Descriptions

The University of Idaho American Language and Culture Program (ALCP) is an intensive English language program designed to help students develop the skills necessary to succeed in academic programs in the United States or to further their professional careers.

Course descriptions are listed below under individual levels. The ALCP provides three levels of English Elementary being the lowest English proficiency level and Advanced being the highest English proficiency level. Students advance to higher levels as they progress and achieve the course student learning outcomes through the program and gain English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, composition and grammar.

Starting in Fall 2020, ALCP students will now be able to earn up to nine undergraduate U of I General Education credits through their ALCP Advanced coursework.

Fall 2020 ALCP courses will be taught in-person and online. Questions? Email

ALCP 012-20

Elementary Reading Composition

In this elementary reading and composition English course, students learn the English alphabet and learn how to read and write simple sentences about themselves, familiar people, and activities. Students develop reading strategies and build basic vocabulary using short stories with simple structures. The focus in writing is on forming words, sentence development, basic paragraph structure, and appropriate mechanics.

ALCP 015-20

Elementary Listening Speaking

In this elementary listening and speaking English course, students develop oral fluency and communicative language in basic academic and social conversations. Students learn to identify and engage with main ideas and details through listening activities and discussions. Students develop functional language to be applied in every day social situations. Students improve pronunciation and intonation to speak more clearly. Students develop control of elementary grammar.

ALCP 014-20

Elementary Integrated Skills

In this elementary integrated skills English course, students will use their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills as they develop and apply effective study skills, and become familiar with the cultural norms and services of U.S. academia, as well as basic survival skills living in a new culture.

ALCP 014-40

Intermediate Reading Composition

In this intermediate reading and composition English course, students develop academic reading and writing skills. Students expand reading comprehension strategies and vocabulary through extensive readings. The writing focus is on creating developed paragraphs, emphasizing main ideas and supporting details, and developing well-structured and meaningful short essays using a variety of rhetorical modes common in U.S. higher education.

ALCP 015-40

Intermediate Listening Speaking

In this intermediate listening and speaking English course, students develop oral fluency and communicative language in social and academic conversations. Students learn to identify and engage with main ideas and details using authentic academic listening activities. Students participate in discussion groups, accomplish group tasks, demonstrate appropriate presentation skills, and conduct interviews with expert English speakers. Students further develop their functional language to be applied in social situations. Students make proper use of stress at the sentence and word levels, and improve their pronunciation and intonation to speak fluently.

ALCP 012-40

Intermediate Grammar

In this intermediate English grammar course, students focus on developing grammatical accuracy in writing and speaking. Students apply grammar to identify, correct and decrease errors in their written and oral production of English.

ALCP 014-60

Advanced English Reading

In this advanced reading course, students develop critical reading strategies and apply them to authentic academic texts.

ENG 101* Writing and Rhetoric I

Students write and revise well-developed short responses and essays that evaluate and synthesize information from academic sources.

ALCP 015-60

Advanced English Listening

In this advanced listening course, students develop discrete listening skills through listening to authentic academic lectures and culturally relevant topics. Students recognize verbal cues and ask appropriate questions during lectures. Students focus on critical questioning of content and analyzing the logical elements of argumentation.

 COMM 101*  Fundamentals of Oral Communication

This course is designed to provide students with the skills, techniques, and knowledge they need to become effective speakers while providing extra support for linguistically diverse learners in using the English language. 

ENG 102*

Writing and Rhetoric II

In this advanced writing course, students lay the groundwork for academic research through common referencing and review of literature. They build argumentative, academic discourse that culminates in a fully developed essay.

 ENG 109* Writing Studio Student-centered group tutorial focusing on writing improvement connected to the English 101 course.
ALCP 011 English for STEM I and II  The focus of these courses is to develop language skills and build vocabulary that students need to be successful in their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses. These courses will consist of language-focused activities based on STEM topics and themes.  (These courses are not offered every semester and may be taken as an elective)

*These courses can be taken for University of Idaho General Education credit and are open to all linguistically diverse students.

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