sheepThe world’s most dependable source of meat and fiber, sheep are found in large numbers on all continents except Antarctica. Become familiar with and apply the recommended principles of sheep animal science. Gain knowledge of sound breeding, feeding, and management practices. Develop integrity, sportsmanship, decision-making capabilities, and public speaking skills by participation in demonstrations, tours, and exhibits.

For Market Lamb, care for one or more wethers or ewes for market, exhibiting and selling at the fair.

With Breeding Sheep, own and care for one or more older ewes for at least 90 days before exhibiting.

In a Non-Animal Sheep project, you can benefit from many aspects of a livestock project without actually owning the animal.

Project Requirements
  • Market Lamb | pdf
  • Breeding Sheep | pdf |
  • Non-Animal Sheep | pdf |
Some counties may have additional requirements. Contact your 4-H leader or county extension office to learn more.

Member Materials
  • 4-H Animal Project Record Book | doc pdf
  • 4-H Involvement Report | docpdf |
  • 4-H Permanent Individual Animal Record for each breeding animal | doc pdf |
  • 4-H Project Record Book for Non Animal project | doc | pdf |

Optional Supporting Materials
  • Lambs, Rams and You, Level 1*
  • Shear Delight, Level 2* 
  • Leading the Flock, Level 3*
  • Sheep Helper’s Guide*
  • Market Sheep Planning Sheet | pdf |
  • Market Sheep Growth Chart | pdf |
  • Sheep Resource Handbook for Market and Breeding Projects*
  • Beef, Sheep, and Swine Selection and Evaluation | pdf |
  • Idaho 4-H Livestock Costs and Returns Estimate—Market Sheep Project | pdf |
  • Sheep Showmanship DVD*

*Available through your county extension office.