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Session Recordings

Previous Years

01-07-21: Understanding the Disease of Addiction – Craig Lodis, PhD

01-21-21: Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment & ASAM – Sara Bennett, LCPC, CADC

02-04-21: Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment, Part I – LaDessa Foster, LCPC, MAC, NCC

02-18-21: Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment, Part II: After-Care & Accessing Support Systems – Scott Jones, CPT, RC

03-04-21: DSM-5 – Amy Jeppesen, LCSW, ACADC

03-18-21: Stages of Change – Craig Lodis, PhD

04-01-21: The Role of MAT in Addiction Recovery – Radha Sadacharan, MD, MPH

04-15-21: Person-Centered Engagement Strategies – Lindsay Brown, CPRC-S, CPSS

05-06-21: Harm Reduction – Marjorie Wilson, LMSW, MPH

05-20-21: Coordinating Care: Criminal Justice System – Radha Sadacharan, MD, MPH

06-03-21: Taking a History – Lana Schuerman, LPC, ACADC

06-17-21: Ethical Questions in Family Systems Work – Charles Pohl, LCSW, CGP

07-01-21: The Use of Virtual Therapy in Telehealth – Jamie Larsen, LMSW

07-15-21: Role of Peer Recovery Specialists – Scott Jones, CPT, CPRC, & Lindsay Brown, CPRC-Supervisor, CPSS

08-05-21: ASAM – Sara Bennett, LCPC, CADC

08-19-21: Trauma and Addiction – Craig Lodis, PhD

09-02-21: Resource Management & Coordinating Community Resources – Drew Holliday, BS

09-16-21: Ethics of Collaborating with Legal and Law Enforcement Entities in Treatment – Cloeie Hood, LCSW, ACADC

10-07-21: Partial Hospitalization Programs - Jason Coombs, MPC

10-21-21: Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention, Part I - Kelsey Pierce, LPC, NCC

11-04-21: Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention, Part II - Nari Hsiu, DO and Sara Bennett, LCPC, CADC

11-18-21: Ethical Considerations of Virtual Therapy – Gabrielle Davis, MPH, MA, RRT, CHES, CTTS LPC, NCC

12-02-21: Virtual Recovery Coaching Resources - Lindsay Brown, CPRC-Supervisor, CPSS

12-16-21: Virtual Therapy Techniques - Amy McKenzie, LCPC, NCC, Therapist Team Coordinator

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