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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The University of Idaho fosters a dynamic and vibrant undergraduate research community. Research opportunities are abundant and diverse. Many of our students are in the lab within the first semester of being on campus.

If you are motivated and have the drive and ambition to conduct formal research, capture and report on your findings, working with your adviser, you’ll find many research opportunities on campus.

Student Research Expo

Student discussing research project with facultyThe Student Research Expo, held in the fall of the year, features undergraduate and graduate students posters of their research projects.  During the Expo, students answer questions from the judging panel as well as the public.

Hill Undergrad Research Fellowships

College of Science is able to offer the Hill Undergrad Research Fellowships each year to support undergraduate research projects. The awards typically extend for three semesters and include both a research budget and a scholarship component.

Biological Sciences Research Awards

The Department of Biological Sciences encourages undergraduate research and annually offers five undergraduate research awards, including the Curtis and Mary Sundquist Award and four departmental awards to support these activities.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Undergraduate students and faculty doing field workThe Research Experiences for Undergraduates program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Participants in the REU program perform research as part of an established, internationally recognized physics department.

Investigating a Distant World

Shannon MacKenzie’s research subject is far from her lab – in fact, it’s more than 1 billion kilometers away. She works in the lab of Jason Barnes, an associate professor of physics, and is part of a team of UI student and faculty researchers studying Titan. “I come into work every day and get to look at these lakes and seas that are on the surface of another planet,” MacKenzie says. More

Chemistry Graduate Cooks Up Success in the Lab

University of Idaho chemistry graduate Brian Vo finds success in labs, as a teaching assistant and in published articles. More