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  • Waves on an Alien World

    UI physics researchers find first evidence of waves in Titan’s methane seas

    A sun glint off the methane see on Staturn's moon Titan
  • New View of Titan

    A team of NASA researchers, including Physics students and professors, revealed this week a new view of Saturn’s moon Titan.

    Titan's Northern Lakes: Salt Flats? Image Credit:  NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/University of Idaho
  • Studying Star Wars Dunes

    Professor Jason Barnes worked with U.S. and Tunisian researchers to study the movement of barchans (cresent-shaped dunes).

    Aerial photo of the Star Wars city of Mos Espa
  • Theory Into Practice

    Goldwater Scholar Rebecca LaVerne Winzer uses her research to provide a foundation for future physics success.

    Rebecca LaVerne Winzer, Goldwater Scholar recipient 2013
  • Professor sets sights on Titan

    Jason Barnes and a team of scientists and engineers are determined to explore Titan with an an unmanned reconnaissance airplane



Department of Physics

The Department of Physics at the University of Idaho provides a rigorous and friendly environment where students learn about the nature of the physical universe and participate in cutting-edge research.

We offer highly personalized physics degree programs to prepare our students for future careers as scientists, educators and engineers.

Both undergraduate and graduate students participate in research with faculty members that strengthens problem solving skills, builds teamwork, and provides valuable research experience.

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