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Graduate Research

The graduate research environment within the College of Science is extremely active. Each graduate program provides an interdisciplinary research environment where successful collaborations between faculty and local and national agencies have developed over several years. These strong connections have established a legacy of excellence that we believe serves our graduate students extremely well.

Getting in the Lab Pays Dividends

Whether you are pursuing an advanced degree at the master's or doctoral level, your research experiences will be an invaluable training tool. Graduates from our programs tells us that their participation in research activities within the college have made them more marketable and ultimately more valuable to their employers.

Guided and surrounded by dedicated faculty members, you’ll have access to world-class resources and facilities.

As a graduate student in the College of Science, you also have the opportunity to secure one of our many assistantships, either research or teaching based, or a stipend and tuition credit opportunities, which can help to support your academic aspirations.

Pavitra Roychoudhury

Researching Viral Evolution
Pavitra experienced her first snow when she arrived from Singapore in 2009. Despite the snow, it was her interest in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology program that brought her to the University of Idaho. More