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Why Science at Idaho?

Approachable faculty, world-class facilities, plus abundant research opportunities — even at the undergraduate level! These are just some of the reasons to study science at the University of Idaho.

From our forensic chemistry option that’s uncovering new applications in the world of criminal justice, to research that’s happening in the areas of bioinformatics and mathematical biology, our college offers many reasons to study science at the University of Idaho.

Abundant Research Opportunities

Rebecca LaVerne Winzer Future Scientist of Idaho
Rebecca LaVerne Winzer, Goldwater Scholar
“A lot of students don’t take advantage of the opportunities and the professors,” says LaVerne Winzer, who started her research as a freshman by simply asking a professor if she could. “I feel like I’m set up really well for where I want to go.”

Approachable Faculty

Jim Nagler Future Scientists Idaho
Jim Nagler, UI Alumni Association's Award for Excellence
"One of the most meaningful aspects of dealing with students is seeing them become successful dealing with problems. Life is full of problems and research studies is filled with them. Working with students to tackle and solve problems not only helps them succeed in their program, but I think spills over into their lives in the "real world" too.”

World-Class Facilities

David Mcllroy Future Scientist of Idaho
David McIlroy, Physics Department Chair
"One of the real strengths of the department is that we get the students into the lab,” he said. “That’s where teaching them what real physics is really about. With coursework, you’re building a foundation, but it doesn’t teach you how to do your trade. You can write it all down in a class and review it all you want, but until you actually work with it, you don’t understand what’s really involved – so the hands-on experience is invaluable.

Student Research Expo

Savannah Patterson '12: Medical applications from tree root extracts
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Student Features

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