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Idaho Law Review: Articles

Volume 51, Issue 3

B.J. Ard, The Limits of Industry-Specific Privacy Law, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 607 (2015).

Bryan H. Choi, A Prospect Theory of Privacy, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 623 (2015).

Meg Leta Jones, Privacy without Screens & the Internet of Other People’s Things, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 639 (2015).

Margot E. Kaminski, Robots in the Home: What Will We Have Agreed to?, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 661 (2015).

Karen E.C. Levy, Intimate Surveillance, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 679 (2015).

Aaron Massey, Getting to October: Why Understanding Technology is Essential for Privacy Law, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 695 (2015).

Keynote Address

David Medine, Transcript of Keynote Address from 2015 Idaho Law Review Symposium, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 711 (2015).

Volume 51, Issue 2

J. Brad Reich, Inexorable Intertwinement: The Internet and the American Jury System, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 389 (2015).

Richard Henry Seamon, Idaho Administrative Law: A Primer for Students and Practitioners, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 421 (2015).

2014 Darrington Lecture on Law & Government

J. Clifford Wallace, What Can We Learn from the Political Party that Lost the Adoption of the Constitution Election?, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 479 (2015).

Comments & Case Notes

Chris Burdin, Evans v. Michigan and the Abrogation of State v. Korsen: A Look at the Effect of Habeas Corpus Claims for Collateral Relief in Idaho, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 487 (2015).

Pat Fackrell, Demers v. Austin: The Ninth Circuit Resolved the Public Employee Speech Doctrine’s Uncertain Application to Academic Speech, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 513 (2015).

Katie Franklin, Physician Assisted Death, Dementia, and Euthanasia: Using an Advanced Directive to Facilitate the Desires of Those with Impending Memory Loss, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 547 (2015).

Jessica Harrison, Idaho’s Abolition of the Insanity DefenseAn Ineffective, Costly, and Unconstitutional Eradication, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 575 (2015).

Volume 51, Issue 1

Barbara Cosens, Lance Gunderson, and Brian Chaffin, Introduction: The Adaptive Water Governance Project” Assessing Law, Resilience and Governance in Regional Socio-Ecological Water Systems Facing a Changing Climate, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2014).

Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Olivia Odom Green, Daniel DeCaro, Alexandra Chase, and Jennifer-Grace Ewa, The Socio-Ecological Resilience of an Eastern Urban-Suburban Watershed: The Anacostia River Basin, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 29 (2014).

Barbara Cosens and Alexander Fremier, Assessing System Resilience and Ecosystem Services in Large River Basins: A Case Study of the Columbia River Basin, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 91 (2014).

Lance H. Gunderson, Ahjond Garmestani, Keith W. Rizzardi, J.B. Ruhl, and Alfred Light, Escaping a Rigidity Trap: Governance and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in the Everglades Social Ecological System, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 127 (2014).

Brian C. Chaffin, Robin Kundis Craig, and Hannah Gosnell, Resilience, Adaptation, and Transformation in the Klamath River Basin Social-Ecological System, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 157 (2014).

Melinda Harm Benson, Dagmar Llewellyn, Ryan Morrison & Mark Stone, Water Governance Challenges in New Mexico’s Middle Rio Grande Valley: A Resilience Assessment, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 195 (2014).

Hannah E. Birge, Craig R Allen, Robin Kundis Craig, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Joseph A. Hamm, Christina Babbitt, Kristine Nemec, and Edella Schlager, Social-Ecological Resilience and Law in the Platte River Basin, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 229 (2014).

Eric Biber, Craig and Ruhl’s Model Adaptive Management Procedures Act: Proposed Amendments, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 257 (2014).

Heather Payne, Lake Lanier and the Corps: How Adaptive Management Could Help in the ACF System, 51 Idaho L. Rev. 279 (2014).


Ashley C. Williams, Adaptive Resource Management: Using Idaho as an Example of How States Can Implement Effective Policies, 50 IDAHO L. REV. 293 (2014).

Year in Review

Ashley C. Williams, Natural Resource & Environmental Law: An Idaho Year in Review, 50 IDAHO L. REV. 329 (2014).