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University of Idaho Extension Forestry

Forest Products

There is more to Idaho’s forests than the trees. Discover alternative forest crops such as huckleberries and Christmas trees, as well as increase your knowledge of biomass utilization and traditional and small-scale harvesting technologies.

Alternative ProductsAlternative Forest Products
A forest produces so very much more than lumber. If you have ever been huckleberry picking you have been the beneficiary of one of many alternative forest products. 
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Biomass UtilizationBiomass Utilization
Biomass is the living matter in a given habitat that can be converted to fuel. The most traditional use of a forest’s biomass has been firewood, but new uses are being researched and developed.
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The Business of ForestryTraditional and Small-Scale Harvesting
Harvesting and processing forest products can be as simple as using a saw to hand-cut a single tree or as complex as using helicopters to salvage thousands of acres of fire-killed forest.
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