wood workingHave you ever wanted to make something from wood? From the basics of measuring, sawing, sanding, and hammering to using advanced equipment like routers and table saws, there's something for everyone. New woodworkers might make a wooden airplane, picture frame, or wooden box, while more experienced woodworkers might use plans to make a chair, tabletop hockey game, or other item requiring more skills.

Project Requirements

  • Measuring Up, Level 1 | pdf |
  • Making the Cut, Level 2 | pdf |
  • Nailing It Together, Level 3 | pdf
  • Finishing Up, Level 4 | pdf |
Some counties may have additional requirements. Contact your 4-H leader or county extension office to learn more.

Member Materials
  • Measuring Up, Level 1*
  • Making the Cut, Level 2*
  • Nailing It Together, Level 3*
  • Finishing Up, Level 4*
  • 4-H Project Record Book | docpdf
  • 4-H Involvement Report | docpdf |

Leader Materials
  • Woodworking Wonders—Helper’s Guide*

*Available through your county extension office