areospaceFly kites of your own design, build and launch rockets, experience disorientation, or discover gravity. In hands-on activities you’ll discover the science behind airplanes, rockets, and flight. On a practical level, do things like evaluate navigation systems and determine fuel efficiency. Find out what it takes to become a pilot and about the variety of careers in aerospace.

Project Requirements
  • Pre-Flight Stage 1 (Cloverbuds) | pdf
  • Lift-Off, Stage 2 | pdf
  • Reaching New Heights, Stage 3 | pdf
  • Pilot in Command, Stage 4 | pdf |
Some counties may have additional requirements. Contact your 4-H leader or county extension office to learn more.

Member Materials
  • Pre-Flight Stage 1, Aerospace Activity Guide*
  • Lift-Off, Stage 2, Aerospace Activity Guide*
  • Reaching New Heights, Stage 3, Aerospace Activity Guide*
  • Pilot in Command, Stage 4, Aerospace Activity Guide*
  • 4-H Project Record Book | docpdf
  • 4-H Involvement Report | docpdf |

Leader Materials
  • Flight Crew Aerospace Group Activity Guide*
  • Aerospace Adventures Helper's Guide*
  • Aerospace Adventures CD*

Optional Supporting Materials

*Available through your county extension office