Junior Master Gardener

Jr Master GardenerJunior Master Gardeners is an award-winning project for elementary school age kids with dozens of fun dirty-hands projects that promote a love of gardening, develop an appreciation for the environment, and cultivate the mind.

Project Requirements
| pdf |
Some counties may have additional requirements. Contact your 4-H leader or county extension office to learn more.

Youth Materials
  • 4-H Project Record Book | docpdf |
  • 4-H Involvement Report | docpdf |

Leader Materials
  • Junior Master Gardener Teacher Leader Guide (Texas)*

Optional Supporting Materials
  • Digging Deeper, Integrating Youth Gardens Into Schools & Communities (Penn.)*
  • Wildlife Gardener (Texas)*
  • Operation Thistle: Seeds of Despair Plant Growth & Development, Level 2 (Texas)*
  • Literature in the Garden (Texas)*
  • Health and Nutrition From the Garden (Texas)*
  • The Michigan 4-H Guide to Herb Gardening Projects (Michigan)*
  • Garden Mosaics Program Manual (New York)*


*Available through your county extension office.