Cowboy Poetry

cowboy poetry“You’re pulling my leg, right? Cowboy poetry? Huh?"

To someone unfamiliar with cowboy culture, cowboys writing poetry may seem as weird as opera stars digging ditches. Cowboy poetry originally made use of the long hours in the saddle and lots of time for thinking to provide evening entertainment around the campfire. With Spurrin’ the Words, be part of the rich tradition of oral storytelling using rhyme by learning to write and recite cowboy poems.

Project requirements: | pdf |
Some counties may have additional requirements. Contact your 4-H leader or county extension office to learn more.

Member Materials
  • Spurrin’ the Words Member's Manual*
  • 4-H Project Record Book | docpdf
  • 4-H Involvement Report | docpdf |

Leader materials

  • Spurrin’ the Words Leader’s Guide*
*Available through your county extension office.