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Internship Information

Internship Procedures

Students are encouraged to do internships when they reach junior status. This valuable work experience is the best way to "get your foot in the door" with the type of job you want when you graduate. For more information about the School of Journalism and Mass Media's internship program, contact the JAMM internship coordinator at

Forms are available in the JAMM office and here: 
(Download PDFs) 

Basic Requirements. Applicant must have a declared major or minor in Journalism and Mass Media, have junior class standing or better (58 credits minimum), meet the overall 2.5 GPA graduation requirement and complete the attached application form before registering for an internship.

Registration. Students must register for JAMM 498 for the semester or summer session in which the internship occurs. You may register for one, two or three credits per internship depending upon the criteria listed in the next section No more than six credits of JAMM 498 may apply to the 128 needed for graduation.

Credits. A maximum of six internship credits may be used in the JAMM degree program. based on the following criteria. One credit: observation and general work-related duties as assigned; two credits: above plus demonstrated work product; three credits: all of the previous plus demonstrated competence in the work environment.

Evaluation Forms. Student and internship supervisor should agree to an initial work plan. They must also agree to complete and return the mid-term and final evaluation forms to the School of Journalism and Mass Media. The supervisor is expected to discuss the evaluation with the student.

Guidelines for JAMM internships. In addition to basic requirements listed above, students should keep in mind the following guidelines. Internships may be through one of the following:
  • For news: a newspaper, Internet news service, traditional news service, television or radio news organization
  • For public relations: a PR agency or public relations department within a corporation, not-for-profit or charitable organization or educational institutions.
  • For advertising: an advertising agency or an advertising division within a corporation, not-for-profit or charitable organization and media sales.
  • For broadcasting and digital media: a radio station, TV station, an Internet or corporate video organization or other audio/video or film organization.
  • Other organizations will be considered on an individual basis.
Internships should be for one semester with one supervisor. Different experiences are viewed as more productive than one long internship for the same organization, in which the student expects to earn six credits. Under extraordinary circumstances for organizations that desire a student for a longer experience, the student should prove his/her duties and obligations within the organization changes sufficiently, to demonstrate higher expectations, professional growth and more responsibility.

Final Report. Students must submit a final written report and work samples the last week of the semester in which the internship is completed. The report must be typed and double-spaced, and should be no longer than three pages. It should address the following points:

A. The quality of the internship experience
  • What did you learn?
  • In which areas do you still need to improve or refine your knowledge and skills?
  • If you could do it over, what would you do differently?
B. The organization and supervision
  • For whom did you work? Include a description of the company, your supervisor and other employees.
  • How did your work contribute to the organization or workplace?
  • Describe the feedback you received from your supervisor and fellow workers.
  • If the organization offered you a job, would you take it? (Why or why not?)
C. Additional comments
  • If you have additional comments not covered in the above A and B, please add them.
  • Do you think your internship helped prepare you for work after college?

Final Grade. Internships are graded on a pass/fail basis only. Failure to submit the completed mid-term and final evaluation forms and a final written report by the end of the term enrolled may result in a failing grade.

Questions/concerns/problems. Contact the JAMM internship coordinator ( with questions or concerns that might arise during the internship.

Internship Options

Robert Novak Collegiate Journalism Award