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Strategic Plan

The University of Idaho College of Art and Architecture is dedicated to being an internationally respected, student-centered institution in alignment with the University of Idaho’s Strategic Plan, supporting faculty and students in creative engagement, providing graduates the best professional skills and leadership strengths and enhancing the quality of life for citizens of Idaho and the world.

  1. Teaching and Learning Mission
    Provide accredited degree programs with extraordinarily effective teaching in dynamic learning environments, instilling in graduates the knowledge, skills, values and passion required for success as tomorrow’s professionals and leaders.
  2. Research Mission
    Engage in scholarship which advances the teaching, practice and knowledge in our professions, challenges and inspires our faculty, and addresses important quality-of-life issues facing citizens of Idaho and the world.
  3. Outreach Mission 
    Provide outreach and service programs which engage the needs of people, environments and the professions, providing our students, faculty and communities with enriching experiences while building professional and institutional partnerships.
  4. Organizational Mission
    Operate the College and each of the programs effectively and proactively, within the context of the needs, demands and resources of the University, the state and the constituents which we serve.
  5. Faculty and Staff Mission 
    Nurture an inclusive environment of mutual support, self-empowerment, passionate engagement, creative inquiry, professional development and personal fulfillment for every team member.

  • We are a team of self-empowered individuals.
  • We have open, honest and positive communication.
  • We act with integrity and responsibility.
  • We provide leadership.
  • We are mentors and role models.
  • We continuously improve.

  1. Unleash the power of design and creativity in every aspect of our teaching, research, service and administration, boldly using the tools of our professions to overtly impact how we teach, learn and operate as a College.
  2. Assume a leadership role in the implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan and Strategic Initiatives, seeking out opportunities and funding for interdisciplinary collaboration, expanding classes which attract students from other colleges, and making classes provided by other colleges an integral part of our students’ learning.
  3. Promote stewardship of the environment, both built and natural, and exhibit leadership in sustainable, regenerative design.
  4. Create dynamic physical and virtual college centers which continuously bring the students and faculty of all programs together, providing appreciation of all college programs, interdisciplinary dialogue, and investment in our shared performance and success.
  5. Establish active development programs with our alums and constituents through the creation of effective college and departmental advisory boards and an alumni association, for purposes of:
    1. raising awareness of our programs and successes.
    2. soliciting input on our programs.
    3. creating a network for student recruiting and internships.
    4. acquiring additional resources and financial support.
    5. ensuring a base of enthusiastic and influential advocates.
  6. Provide empowerment and investment for all programs to be strong individually, further enhancing their capacity for contribution and collaboration.
  7. Proactively assess the current and forecasted needs of the professional markets to ensure that our programs are providing students with the required knowledge and skills to maintain a competitive advantage in their desired fields.
  8. Expand integrated learning and collaboration through a College-wide Foundations program which prepares students for the interdisciplinary world in which they will work and achieves efficiencies in our teaching.
  9. Engage in an annual College-wide assessment focused on advancing the synergies of our various programs and maximizing the utilization of our resources including people, facilities and funds. 
  10. Develop the knowledge and skills to use current and future technologies both critically and effectively across all programs. 
  11. Expand and profile outreach programs that provide service-learning opportunities for students and faculty, support our programs, and enrich the quality-of-life of communities served.
  12. Nurture a culture which binds faculty, students and alumni in a commitment to the sustained health and success of the College and the University.

College of Art and Architecture

College of Art and Architecture

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive
MS 2461
 Moscow, ID 83844-2461

Phone: (208) 885-4409

Fax: (208) 885-9428


College of Art and Architecture