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Unlocking Limitless Potential

Work alongside faculty on leading research programs that center on condensed matter physics, theoretical nuclear physics, astronomy and planetary science and biological physics as a physics graduate student. You will spend significant time in the lab and delve deep into the laws of the universe in the sub-area that interests you.

Fast Facts

  • Work with internationally recognized faculty for their outstanding educational, research and outreach efforts
  • Collaborate with many allied departments by sharing ideas and engaging in sophisticated multi-disciplinary research projects
  • Attend Department of Physics Colloquia given by visiting researchers and faculty
  • Core technology scientist
  • Electro-optic engineer
  • Applications engineer
  • Manufacturing tools project leader
  • Reactor coolant system engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Senior noise engineer
  • Associate medical physicist
  • Senior scientist
  • Highway designer
  • Teacher, or professor and researcher


median annual earnings of physicists
Degree Prep Our program is open to those with a bachelor's degree in one of the science-related fields, including engineering, computer science, electronics or a similar area. Those who did not major in physics may be required to take some of the advanced undergraduate courses to prepare themselves for the graduate classes.
Degree Roadmap
Financial Aid

To find out about deadlines, scholarships and eligibility requirements, please visit the University of Idaho Financial Aid Office.

Get Involved
Get Involved
Hands-on Learning Laboratory work and research assistant opportunities with faculty and with local laboratories, agencies and businesses will allow you to apply your knowledge in and outside of the classroom. Some of the most significant research efforts are happening in the areas of:
  • Condensed matter physics
  • Nuclear physics
  • Biological physics
  • Astronomy and planetary science
Clubs Graduate students are encouraged to join one of the many professional organizations which have highly discounted student membership rates.
  • American Physical Society
  • Materials Research Society