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General laboratory information is below. Tutoring assistance information can be found at Academic Support & Access Programs.

  • The first Lab of the Semester is the second Tuesday of the Semester. Typically Fall Semester begins on a Monday, 8 days later are the first Tuesday Labs. Typically Spring Semester beings on a Wednesday, 13 days after that are the first Tuesday Labs. Thursday Labs start 2 days later. For Summer labs, you must inquire with your Professor as to the Lab schedule, 14 total lab days are required (counting makeup), and Summer Professors often choose where to skip lab days based on their own schedules.
  • For information about your labs, contact the lab instructor (not the lecture instructor).
  • For general questions on lab policy, grading or attendance contact the department laboratory supervisor Jacob Turner (
  • Lectures and labs are separate. Students get 3 credits and a grade for the lecture, and, if enrolled in a lab, he/she gets 1 credit and a separate grade for the lab. Labs are not necessarily required. Check with your major advisor.
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