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Featured Stories

Dr. Forney in The Scientist!
UI Distinguished Professor Larry Forney discusses research findings in The Scientist.
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UI Receives Funding for Labs
The goal of this grant is to attract and retain more students to STEM fields.
» read more about the goals of the upgrade.
Chris Marx
Examining Evolutionary Paths
Biology professor predicts bacterial evolution to protect, help humans
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Onesmo Balemba
Balemba Receives Dyess Faculty Fellowship for FY 2015!
Balemba awarded for strong commitment to undergraduate research
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The bottom of gecko's feet.
Discovering Geckos’ Sticky Secrets
Biology and engineering researcher investigates the tiny structures that give geckos their incredible climbing power – helping humans answer evolutionary questions and create high–tech materials
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Kami Cole participated in the 2014 Undergraduate Research Poster Session.
2014 Undergraduate Research Poster Session Winners
The Department of Biological Sciences’ 2014 Undergraduate Research Poster Session was held on Wednesday, May 7. This event provided the opportunity for undergraduate students to showcase their research.
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Eva Top
2014 Excellence Award
Dr. Eva Top, Professor of Biology in the University of Idaho College of Science and IBEST.
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Elizabeth Brandon
Elizabeth earned the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award from the College of Science.
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Connor McCormick
From East Glacier, MT., Connor received the College of Science John B. George Award.
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Kaitlyn "Kait" Miller
Kait was recognized as an outstanding senior from the Department of Biological Sciences and received the Dean's Award.
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Research Poster Session
Undergraduate researchers will present their projects during the annual departmental poster session
» More information can be found here
Jack Sullivan interviewed in Heredity
Sullivan discusses divergence with gene flow in the recent chipmunk radiation.
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Graduate Student Published in Animal Conservation
Denim Jochimsen, a graduate student in Luke Harmon's lab, discusses her research on the influence of ecology and landscape on snake road mortality in a sagebrush-steppe ecosystem.
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Textbook Published!
Dr. John Byers, Biology Faculty, publishes book on animal behavior.
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Sun shining on a yellow maple leaf in the cool fall. Photo by Simon Uribe-Convers
Discovering a Frosty Tale of Plant Evolution
Biology professor David Tank joins international team to create massive time-scaled evolutionary tree for land plants, explore history of adaptations for cold climates
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A wild mouse invesitgating his environment
Understanding Invasives With Mathematical Models
Biology professor Scott Nuismer publishes study complicating methods for predicting species invasiveness
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A Toast to Idaho Wine
Angie Shaltry ’99, Boise, fermented her first fruit while a sophomore in Patricia Hartzell’s Microbiology 250 class. After earning her microbiology degree and interning with award-winning wineries in California, Shaltry established Périple winery.
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Kasia Dziewanowska receives Poland's Golden Cross of Merit at her home in Moscow
One Researcher's Lifelong Dedication
UI scientist, mentor Katarzyna Dziewanowska honored by home country before dying of cancer
» Read more about Kasia's research and life
Sex-Specific Transcriptional Responses of the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Brain Selenoproteome to Acute Sodium Selenite Supplementation
Dr Benner discusses her findings from researching the role of selenoprotein P in the brain and its possible relationship to anxiety-related behaviors.
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Pete Fuerst
Reading the Book of the Brain
Pete Fuerst's lab studies the intricate connections of the neural network
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2013 Undergraduate Research Poster Session Winners
The Department of Biological Sciences’ 2013 Undergraduate Research Poster session was held on Wednesday, May 1, from noon to 3 p.m. in the Commons Aurora Room. This event provided the opportunity for undergraduate students to showcase their research. Faculty volunteers judged the posters, and winners were announced at the “All Department Barbeque” that followed. Prizes were awarded to the students with the top five ranking posters.
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Amanda Williams
Williams and Knox - Outstanding New Alums
From undergraduate research and teaching to a Medical Spanish study abroad experience in Costa Rica, Amanda Williams has earned her rank among the top graduates of the Department of Biological Sciences. Classmate Molly Knox has been equally successful while balancing the demands of her varsity tennis schedule.
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Maia Benner
Doctoral Student Studies the Effects of Micronutrient, Selenium
During her time at U-Idaho, Maia Benner, a PhD student in bioinformatics and computational biology, has had the thrill of participating in two important discoveries in the lab of Professor Barrie Robison.
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Hohenlohe promo
New Faculty Member: Understanding Evolution at the Genomic Level
Professor Paul Hohenlohe first came to the University of Idaho to attend the Evolution meetings in 2009. From that experience he recognized that the Department of Biological Sciences and IBEST (Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies) had created an excellent environment for evolutionary biologists here in Moscow.
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Dr. Rolf Ingermann
Tribute to Dr. Rolf Ingermann
Rolf Ingermann, highly regarded professor emeritus, passed away on May 6, 2012.
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Luke Harmon in front of a projection of OneZoom.
Visualizing a Vast World
Biology profesor Luke Harmson helps develop website that brings the tree of life to life
» Read more about Luke's participation in OneZoom
Kali Turner
Kali Turner’s hands-on experience prepares her for a future studying disease
Turner graduates this winter with a degree in biological sciences, but she will stay in Idaho for a semester to complete her research before heading across the world for even more hands-on experience that she hopes will lead her to a future helping humans fight disease.
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Selective removal of CPDs (in green) from the viral DNA replication centers (BrdU label in red) after UV irradation of HCMV-infected cells
Investigating a Common Virus’ Damaging Effect on Cells
Lee Fortunato’s research method reveals how a virus responsible for birth defects co-opts a cell’s ability to repair itself.
» Learn more about Fortunato's research
graduate student holding a fawn
Pronghorn Research Solves Decades-Old Evolutionary Controversy
Does a male pronghorn antelope’s number of matings increase the number of offspring he has?
» Read more about John Byer's research and Bateman’s Slope
Stephen Burleigh in the lab
Student Perspective: Stephen Burleigh
Stephen, a undergraduate Microbiology student, is gaining hands-on experience in Dr. Eva Top's lab.
» Learn more about Stephen's experience in the lab
Paul Joyce, Holly Wichman and Craig Miller Chasing a Virus Through Mathematical Models
Chasing a Virus Through Mathematical Models
Paul Joyce, Holly Wichman and Craig Miller, faculty in the College of Science, have set out to discover what the next move of the mutation process is going to be through mathematical models.
» Learn about mutating viruses and mathematics
Student workin in lab
Researchers: 1, Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: 0
University of Idaho Researchers Aim to Unlock Plasmid Transfer Secrets
In an effort to take the resistance out of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, University of Idaho researchers are getting down to the genetic level
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White Sands desert, New Mexico
It’s Not Only the Gene That Counts, But How You Use It
How lizards learned to change their pants
Scientists discover not only that different species can use the same gene to adapt to a new environment, but slight differences in its use can have important consequences.
» Learn about Erica Rosenblum's research in White Sands, New Mexico
Larry Forney working with a student in his lab
V is For…The Word We're Afraid to Speak
Changing Women's Health at the Global Level
Increasing understanding about normal vaginal microbiota – or bacteria – so that physicians can better identify conditions that make women prone to infections and other diseases, and avoid the development of health problems.
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Trout research
Trout + Trout = Salmon?
Research in the Department of Biological Sciences
Joe Cloud, professor of biological sciences, is attempting to use rainbow trout as surrogate parents to increase the sockeye salmon population in Redfish Lake.
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Matt Racine
Undergraduate Research Key to Shaping Vandal Futures
Research influences undergraduate education at the University of Idaho
Two students investigate the effects of exercise training on performance and gene expression
» Featuring Matt Racine and Roxana Hickey
William Godsoe – Biology Graduate Student
Hear from one of our top Biology P.hD students who is currently involved in two projects including one investigating the role of insects in shaping the evolution of plants in nature.
» Read the Q&A
student and child in hay field
Lisa Heuvel ─ Neuroscience Graduate Student
Hear how Lisa was inspired to study neurology after her brother was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a neurobiological disorder.
» Read the Q&A
Fighting Killer Frog Fungus
Erica Bree Rosenblum, assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Idaho, is researching Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, a “chytrid” fungus that is particularly deadly for certain species of frogs.
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Pronghorns and Royalty
Dr. John Byers has studied mating habits of pronghorns for over two decades. When a drought in 2003 killed off most of the males and about 30 percent of the females, Byers knew he was in a unique place to study mate selection based on inbreeding.
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The Shanghai Connection
Yi Shi, graduate student at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, scoured the internet for the most advanced techniques to study bacteria samples. Her search brought her to the laboratory of Larry Forney at the University of Idaho.
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Brandi Bilaski
Brandi Bilaski
Brandi Bilaski, freshman at the University of Idaho studying microbiology, recalls her experience in junior in high school when she participated in the Women in Math and Science program hosted by the University of Idaho.
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Mary Oswald
The Diane Haynes Memorial Award
» Read about Mary Oswald, 2010 Award Recipient
Roxana Hickey
Roxanna Hickey: Research in Women's Health
As a junior studying molecular biology and biochemistry, Roxanna Hickey is already in the lab studying important women’s health issues.
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Sara Gilmore
Sara Gilmore completes her bachelor's degree in molecular biology and biochemistry in 3 1/2 years.
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Early Research Detect Future Leader in Cancer and Genetics
Microbiology student takes DNA research to a new level... from culture-dependent to clinical sample.
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