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For a B.A. in Economics
contact Kris Roby
c/o College of Letters, Arts & Social Science

For a B.S. in Economics
contact Jon Miller
c/o College of Business and Economics

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How you spend your time, what you buy, and where you work all impact the economy. As an economics major, you will learn to analyze the choices people make about using resources, such as time and money, and you will come to understand how these decisions and other social factors affect economies around the world.

Economics majors in the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) may pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), which includes foreign language study, or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The B.S. Economics degree offers two options: 

  1. A main course of study in economics with the usual CLASS core requirements, or;
  2. Study in economics accompanied by a second area of concentration, in some cases simply an academic minor. In this case, the curriculum concentration replaces the CLASS core requirements. This option allows students in social science, humanities, science, mathematics, statistics, engineering and other areas to combine an economics education with training in related fields of interest or application.

As an economics major, you will study economic systems, such as socialism and capitalism. You will take social science courses and explore important economic drivers, including supply and demand, inflation, international trade, unemployment and governmental policies. The program aims to build strong critical thinking, analytical, and research skills. You will develop a broad liberal arts education that will open doors to many career opportunities.