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Collage of students pursuing different degrees with the text "Interdisciplinary Studies"

Interdisciplinary Studies

The interdisciplinary studies degree program at the University of Idaho allows the flexibility to reach beyond disciplinary boundaries to create a degree program tailored to a student's specific interests and goals. The self-designed Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies enables a student to graduate with the distinctive skills and broad knowledge needed for a specific career.

Working closely with a faculty adviser to develop a coherent course of study that will meet both university requirements and a student's personal objectives, the curriculum combines the elements of two or more departments, one of which must be in the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences.

Degree Requirements

In the first year, students will complete University of Idaho core requirements. Upon completion of core courses – usually during the sophomore year – students will work closely with a faculty adviser and program coordinator within the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences to design a coherent curriculum that includes a minimum of 128 credits. The plan must be presented and approved before the end of the junior year or when at least 30 credits of the curriculum have yet to be completed.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies will complete a foreign language requirement.