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June 25, 2014

Note: Archived materials may contain broken links.

Greetings from afar,

Today is my last day of travel with some incredible alumni explorers on a grand tour through Europe!

My wife Claudia, Joe Vandal and I visited the Matterhorn in Switzerland, we took a scenic cruise on Lake Lucerne and rode the world's steepest cogwheel railway - all with a great group of Vandals! View more photos »

The trip is part of the Alumni Association's Vandal Voyagers program, where alumni are invited on adventures across the globe with fellow passengers who also know all the words to the Vandal Fight Song.

Trip details for 2015 are now solidifying As always, all alumni are eligible to travel at a discounted rate. Check out our travel options.


Steven C. Johnson ’71
Director, Office of Alumni Relations

Upcoming Vandal Events

June 27 - Canyon County VSF Golf Tournament |
July 12  - Vandal Day with the Colorado Rockies |
July 12  - 10th annual Vandal Picnic in Boise |
July 13  - Vandal Night with Seattle Sounders |
July 16  - CALS Twilight Tour in Kimberly, Idaho |
July 17  - UI Retirees Picnic in Moscow |

Save the Date: The Southeast Idaho Alumni Chapter invites you to the Silver & Gold Alumni Gathering July 18 in American Falls, Idaho. Enjoy a golf tournament, barbecue and scholarship auction. Next year is the Southeast Idaho Chapter's 35th year of service to our alma mater.

View more events near you on the complete alumni calendar.

Visiting Moscow? Idaho Repertory Theatre presents a staged reading of UI professor Robert Caisley’s “Happy” on June 27. Check out this and other upcoming events on the university calendar.

Vandal Snaps in History: Camperdown Elms

The Camperdown Elms sure are thriving! These unique campus ornamentals were planted around 1917 by E. V. Price, a nurseryman in what was then called the UI Forestry Department.

The department used to take care of campus grounds, and is responsible for the planting of many of the older trees on campus.

We want your Vandal Snaps! Send photos to

The Sticky Secrets of Geckos

About 1,400 species of geckos roam the Earth. Their lineage dates back 200 million years, making them the oldest group of living lizards. They’re even older than the dinosaurs.

But scientists have only recently begun to understand their remarkable abilities to stick to — and easily release from — surfaces such as rocks, trees and ceilings.

University of Idaho gecko–feet expert Travis Hagey’s most recent research — funded by the National Science Foundation’s BEACON Center for Evolution in Action — focuses on building the most finely detailed models of gecko toe pads ever created.

Learn more

College of Law Named Best Value

The UI College of Law was named a "Best Value Law School" by The National Jurist — one of only 53 nationwide programs and one of only two schools in the Pacific Northwest.

The ranking reflects high quality education, affordability and job success for grads.

View the list

The Remnants of Life

The excavation of Ft. Boise's historic "Surgeon's Quarters"

Christmas, 1953. A Ft. Boise Army doctor and his family gather around their dining table and stop to take a snapshot. A click and a flash, and like a visual time capsule the moment is preserved.

Six decades later, the photograph still hangs on the dining room wall of the “Surgeon’s Quarters” as a reminder — to University of Idaho archaeologists and local volunteers — of the people who inhabited the 150-year-old home and left behind remnants of their lives.

Excavating the front porch area of the building, UI anthropology professor Mark Warner leads a team in search of these remnants, which include and a 1902 milk-bottle cap, a ceramic marble and a child’s saucer from a tea set.

Learn more

Have We Contaminated Mars?

When the Curiosity Mars rover arrived on the rocky planet, it may have had bacterial stowaways, says Stephanie Smith, a microbiologist at the University of Idaho. That may mean that if we do missions to detect life on Mars, we may find bacteria that evolved on Earth.

Her group used swabs from Curiosity’s surface before it was launched, finding over 60 species. The group cultivated 377 strains of bacteria, and tested them in extreme conditions: drying them out, dropping the temperature, bombarding them with UV radiation and extremely alkaline environments. Almost 11 percent of bacteria survived at least one of these conditions.

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Joe Knows ... Vandal Football 2014

The 2014 football season is here, and the Office of Alumni Relations has everything you need to start enjoying it — whether at home or away.

Check out the full schedule including pregame information and celebrations for the Hall of Fame game Sept. 13, Dads' Weekend Sept. 27, Homecoming Oct. 18, Military Appreciation Day Nov. 1 and more!

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