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University of Idaho Alumni Office - Moscow
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Oct. 30, 2013

Note: Archived materials may contain broken links.

That winter chill is in the air, fall leaves are starting to cover campus sidewalks and the holiday shuffle has begun. As we put the finishing touches on our Halloween costumes and start our Christmas lists, let us also remember to give thanks to those serving our country past and present.

Nov. 11 is Veterans Day. Many commemorative additions have been made to the Moscow campus over the years. Just a small gesture to remember the incredible sacrifices made by soldiers and their families.

Have you seen the World War I memorial south of the Administration Building? In 1919, 10 red oaks and and 22 spruce trees were planted to honor the 32 UI students killed in WWI. At the time, there were only 502 students enrolled on campus - meaning 5 percent of the student body gave their lives for our freedom. The names of these soldiers can be found on a plaque in the Memorial Gym.

View photos below of the other campus memorials and ceremonies. And the next time you're feeling stressed, racing to the next meeting or dealing with a crisis at home, remember how we became so lucky to live in this country, receive a top-notch education and relish in the fact we're all mighty Vandals.


Steven C. Johnson ’71
Director, Office of Alumni Relations

Upcoming Events

Happy Halloween from 1982

Nov. 1-3 - Dads' Weekend |
Nov. 1 - Envision Idaho
Nov. 1 - Iron Dad Challenge |
Nov. 1 - Tradition Keeper Challenge |
Nov. 1 - Vandal Brand Meats Pairings |
Nov. 2 - Dads' Weekend Golf Tournament |
Nov. 2 - Ring Ceremony 2013 |
Nov. 2 - Vandal Brand Meats Tour |
Nov. 2 - University of Idaho vs. Texas State University |
Nov. 2 - Dueling Pianos Dinner and Entertainment |
Nov. 3 - Farewell Breakfast |
Nov. 3 - Breaststroke 4 Hope |
Nov. 8 - 2013 Preseason Women’s National Invitation Tournament |
Nov. 9 - University of Idaho vs. Old Dominion University |

Then and Now: Willis Sweet Hall

Campus’ largest and most luxurious all-male dorm in 1936

When Richard Johnston came to the University of Idaho in 1950, there were four males to every female on campus and only one of those males owned a car. Having a set of wheels didn’t ensure your Friday night date, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

“I used to say, there’s only a girl for every guy with a car, and I don’t have a car,” he said.

Add his 192 housemates, and competition gets steeper. Johnston lived in campus’ then largest male dormitory - Willis Sweet Hall.

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Came a Tribe from the North

The Tradition of Vandal Architects in Sun Valley

"Over a century ago, under the gloomy skies and rolling wheat fields of the northern Idaho Palouse, the state’s first and oldest university was built. In a style reminiscent of leafy East Coast campuses, architects laid sweeping lawns, brick-and-mortar clock towers, busting Gothic structures and stained-glass windows flanked in limestone. With a style that visually referenced tradition and time, they created a pastoral genius loci, or 'sense of place,' that would shape the state, and its namesake college, for years to come." - Kate Elgee

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Dads' Weekend 2013

All Vandal Dads are invited to a weekend of pride and plaid during the 2013 Dads' Weekend starting Friday.

From the 1948 UI yearbook, Gem of the Mountains: "The expected fathers, beards and football game highlighted the Dads' Day weekend. The beards were scarcer and sparser this year because of Gem portrait deadlines; the football game was a muddy thriller because of a last second touchdown for Idaho; bachelors had to run faster in the Sadie Hawkins' day race because the girls seem to practice more every year; and the fathers enjoyed themselves thoroughly because of a Saturday night barn dance."

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Presidential Search: Feedback Deadline

University of Idaho Board of Regents and the Idaho State Board of Education cordially invite you to give your feedback on all the Presidential Candidates. Fill out the form online or watch candidate forums you may have missed. Deadline for feedback is 5 p.m. (PST) Thursday.

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