University Housing

Main Office
1080 West 6th St.
Moscow, Idaho
Mailing Address
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2010
Moscow, ID 83844-2010

Main Office Phone:
(800) 681-9361
Local Phone: (208) 885-6571
Fax: (208) 885-6606
General Email

Summer Office Hours: May 19-August 15, 2014
Mon-Fri: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Academic Year Office Hours: August 15, 2014-May 15, 2015
Mon-Fri: 8 am-5 pm

After-Hours Emergencies:
LLC 24-Hour Desk 
(208) 885-7379

Fall Move In

University Housing is excited you will be joining us this fall in the residence halls! Fall 2015 Move-In is scheduled for August 20th.  Please visit this page in June 2015 for more information on your assignment, room, and what to bring to campus.

  • Residence Hall Check-in Dates and Locations

    Check-in Dates:

    All Residence Hall Students: August 20, 2015: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

    Locations on August 20 (Map):

    • Wallace - Gooding: Westside entrance of Wallace
    • Wallace - Stevenson: Westside entrance of Wallace
    • Wallace - Ballard: Eastside entrance of Wallace
    • Wallace - Willey: Eastside entrance of Wallace
    • McConnell: Eastside entrance of Wallace
    • LLCs: 24-Hour Desk, Trout Classroom
    • Theophilus Tower: Westside of the Tower
    • Residence Hall rooms are held until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, August 25th. Any student who has not checked in by this date without prior approval from University Housing may lose their assigned room and forfeit their housing deposit.

    Suggested Check-in Times for Theophilus Tower Students:

    • 9 a.m. (1st, 2nd and 11th Floors)
    • 10 a.m. (3rd and 10th Floors)
    • 11 a.m. (4th and 9th Floors)
    • 12 p.m. (5th and 8th Floors)
    • 1 p.m. (6th and 7th Floors)
  • What to Bring List

    What to Bring

    It's time to start packing your boxes for college!  For ideas on what to pack and prepare for your room, go to our Pinterest page for photos and lists of what to bring and leave at home.

    You can also view a printable list here so that you have everything you will need prior to moving in.

    For Vandals who are traveling to Moscow, our local Bed, Bath, and Beyond allows you to easily purchase items online and pick them up at their Moscow location

  • Room and Roommate Selections

    Room Assignments:

    If you are unsure of your room assignment/roommate information, you can find it in the following locations:

    • University Housing Portal:

      Once you have applied for Housing you can log back into the Housing Portal where you applied and view your assignment information. This information is located on the "confirmations" page of your application. 
    • Roommate Information

      Visit the Housing Portal and log back in to view your roommate assignment on the "confirmations" page. If no roommate is listed, you do not have one at this time.
  • Room and Roommate Changes

    Room and Roommate Change Requests

    • Prior to July 31, 2015 you are able to change your room through the Housing Portal at any point in time. Once you have logged into the housing portal, you will select your completed housing application and then select the "Rooms" from the top slider bar and click "Cancel Room" to make a new selection. You must cancel your current room in order to view any other available rooms, which means you risk losing your current room assignment. We encourage you to contact University Housing staff prior to cancelling a room or changing rooms to gain assistance with this process.
    • July 31, 2015 is the last day to change your room within the housing portal. If you would like to change your room assignment or roommate after July 31st; University Housing will begin accepting room move requests on the 10th day of classes (Sept. 7, 2014). All requests are subject to availability of space and may not be able to be granted.

    Review the room change process starting Sept. 7, 2015.

    1. All requests will be denied if any of the following are true:
    • Student owes a balance of $100 or more to the University of Idaho and does not have a payment plan established.
    • Student is not registered for full time credits and is not approved for part time credit status by the Associate Director.
    2. Notifications of approval/denial or placement on a waitlist will be sent out each Tuesday by 5:00 p.m. to the student's Vandal email account. Student will have the option to accept or refuse the available space by Wednesday at noon. 

    3. If student is placed on a waitlist, Housing office staff will notify student by sending an email to the Vandal email account.

    4. After the request is approved by University Housing and accepted by the student; room moves may begin on Thursday evenings between 8 & 10 p.m. and must be completed by Sunday at 10 p.m. 

    5. Move process:
    • To begin the move, student must go to the LLC 24 hour desk and pick-up their check-in packet & Keys for the new room space.
    • Move all your belongings to the new room space (Failure to move all items will result in staff disposing of items, follow University Surplus procedures and your student account being billed for the labor time to do so.)
    • Clean your old room (Failure to clean may result in cleaning fees being billed to your student account.)
    • Complete the room condition form with a Resident Assistant (Failure to do this will result in a $50 improper check-out fee being billed to your student account.)
    • Turn in your previous room key(s). (Failure to do this will result in a $55 re-key fee being billed to your student account.)
    6. By completing the room move request form, the student agrees to the following:
    • A $25 room change fee will be billed to my student account. Any increase in room rates will be billed to my student account.
    • I am relinquishing my current room if approved and accepted.
    • I understand that all official communication of approval/denial/wait list will be sent to my Vandal email account and I am responsible for checking this and responding by deadlines outlined within the email offer.
  • Social Media Contest

    Recreate the Awkwardness Contest

    We are excited to welcome back our returners and many new residents! To celebrate the 2014-15 year on campus, we're throwing back to our earlier days and inviting you to join us through a "Recreate the Awkwardness" contest. Grab that stranger down the hall who looks like Joe Vandal, find someone who is really good at Photoshop, and see which of your neighbors can make the funniest face. Take this time at the beginning of the year to explore our residence halls and the surrounding areas, and you’ll soon understand what makes it such a special experience to #liveon.

    Our contest is simple: find an old photo that includes University Housing and recreate it with your friends. Submit that photo to clehman@uidaho.edu by August 28th at 5:00 p.m., and we'll upload all the entries to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Whichever entry gets the most likes and shares combined from all our social media by September 5th at 5:00 p.m. will win the contest!


    Each like and share counts as one point. Likes and shares will be totaled across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to determine the winner. Make sure you share/like the original entry posted by University Housing to be eligible, and check your privacy settings so that we can see your share/like.

    The photo you recreate and your submission must feature our residence halls. This means you need either an exterior or interior of a building in the photo (Bob's Place counts, too).

    Hint: You can find photos of University Housing on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

    Submit your recreation with the original photo by August 28th at 5:00 p.m. to clehman@uidaho.edu. Photos will be uploaded to our social media as we receive them, so earlier submissions will have more time to share their entry.

    You can enter as many recreations as you'd like. The people in the photo (max of 5 ) will each win a ticket to Scarywood Theme Park (view their website and schedule for details)

    The photo doesn't have to be an exact recreation. And you're allowed to edit them.

    The recreation has to have current students who have a 2014-2015 academic agreement with University Housing to win.

    Recreation Example:

    Tower 1969  
    Tower Photo from 1969
    Recreation Photo
    Recreation Photo Example

  • Meal Plan

    Vandals Dining:

    Meal plan usage will begin on August 20, 2015 at Bob's Place for breakfast (7:00 a.m.).

    Visit the Vandals Dining website to learn about meal plans and usage.

    If you would like to change your meal plan option, please email vcoffice@uidaho.edu with your name, student ID number and the meal plan that you would like to have. You can change your meal plan up to two weeks after the start of school (September 7, 2015).

  • Vandal Card

    Vandal Card:

    Students must have their Vandal Card in order to check-in to the Residence Halls and use their meal plan. If you will be visiting campus during the summer months, we suggest picking up your Vandal Card in the Student Union Building (SUB) between 7:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.

    If you need to pick up your Vandal Card during check-in, the locations and hours are:

    August 20, 2015

    • 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
    • Student Recreation Center

  • VandalStore


    The VandalStore is excited to welcome you to the University of Idaho, home of the Vandals! They are dedicated to your success, fierce about our school spirit, and here to help in providing you with everything you need during your college career and beyond!

    Pre-order your textbooks:

    The VandalStore has done all of the work for you! They have worked diligently to find ways to help you save money on textbooks. By logging into VandalWeb and navigating to Textbook Express, you will see a list of all your classes populated with your needed textbooks.

    If you have not pre-ordered your textbooks, the time is now! Your pre-ordered textbooks will be available for pick-up beginning August 16 at the VandalStore on campus.

    Save Money:

    To help you save money on textbooks, the VandalStore has created a Price Comparison tool to ensure you get the best price on your books. Once you log in to textbook express, you will see the price comparison box below each book. The VandalStore is your bookstore professional and they guarantee the correct book and edition when you purchase at the VandalStore. If you utilize price comparison and shop via another vendor, please be wary of foreign or teacher editions. These editions cannot be sold at buyback at the end of each semester. Your largest cost savings will come with renting textbooks. Just remember to return it at the end of the semester.

    Another way to save is to choose. Used books aren't always available, but when they are, this is the best value for your dollar. Used rentals are even more cost effective. Used textbooks are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

    More than Textbooks!

    Of course the VandalStore has a great selection of emblematic gear, décor for your room, general books, supplies, and computers as well. We also have a certified Apple® technician on staff for your computer woes. We have a great supply department that offers USB drives, Ethernet cables, pens, art supplies, blue books, and Scantrons.

    Starbucks is conveniently located in the VandalStore and provides a great environment for getting together with friends or a quiet place for studying, either inside or outside on the plaza. We also have locations at the Campus Commons called the VandalExpress, and in Boise, downtown on Idaho Street.

    Come in and see us. We will do everything in our power to help you succeed. We look forward to being your store! Check us out online and ‘like’ us on Facebook. Go Vandals! 

  • Parking and Transportation


    If you are planning on bringing a car to campus you will need to purchase a Silver permit through the Parking and Transportation Office. Permits are available for purchase online.  For all parking and transportation related questions, call 208-885-6424 or visit their website.


    Biking is also a common form of student transportation at the University of Idaho. There are designated outdoor and indoor bike storage areas in all of our University Housing communities. For more information on campus biking, rules and regulations, and bike rack locations, view the parking and transportation page.

    For all other transportation options at the University of Idaho, including the Vandal Access Shuttle, Zipcar, and Zimride, view the parking and transportation page.