About NRHH

The Vandal National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Chapter is comprised of the top 1% of student leaders living in the residence halls.

National Residence Hall Honorary is a national organization that focuses on recognizing student leaders and services throughout the residence halls.

The Vandal NRHH Chapter works to recognize a Person of the Week (POTW) and Leader of the Week (LOTW) on a weekly basis. The chapter also works to nominate and judge Of The Month (OTM) awards, one of the highest forms of recognition in the halls.

Membership List

Active Members

  • Brett Kohring
  • Claire Lundeby
  • Hillary Martin
  • Richard Munn
  • Ryan McCoy-Cady
  • Ellen Kaasik
  • Michelle Aoi
  • Nathan McLeod
  • Loretta Moate
  • Kendra Buell


  • Kelsi Nagle