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Got Sex?

Got Sex? is a campus forum promoting discussion around issues of sexuality, reproductive health, birth control, social pressures, sexual practices and risky behaviors.

Thursday Evenings Monthly at 5:30 p.m.

Memorial Gym, Room 109

Fall 2015 Schedule

September 24
Malfunction Junction: Awkward Sex Moments and Other Embarrassing Incidents
From roommates, to your cell phone, to bodily functions - let's talk about what happens when life disrupts the mood.

October 22
Tingly Parts: Get to Know Your Sexual Anatomy
Ooh! Ahh! Let's talk about what can go where, pleasure centers of the body, and more!

November 12
PORN! Need We Say More? Well, yes...
Let's talk about the good, the bad, and the unusual when it comes to adult films. We'll discuss different types of pornography, how some people incorporate porn into their relationships, the reality behind porn, and more!

Our Mission

  • To create and support open and respectful interpersonal dialogues on touchy topics in a space where everyone can feel safe to ask questions and speak their mind.
  • To join in exploration and myth-busting of what constitutes “normal,” and discover ways to do this comfortably, productively, and effectively.
  • To allow for provocative, mind-opening, inclusive conversation about our sexual and reproductive health.

Our Audience

The campus community—but especially students—of all genders are welcome! Women and men need to engage in open, honest discussion with each other, their partners, and their health care providers about their reproductive systems and sexual health in order to challenge myths, get accurate information, and make healthy choices for themselves and their bodies.  Got Sex? aims to provide a safe and comfortable venue where we can share medically-accurate and non-judgmental information and start a series of conversations to improve our sexual care and health.

Learning Outcomes

After attending Got Sex?, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of sexual health “norms,” both physiological and social; understand that “normal” is unique to each person.
  • Develop the personal security, courage, and skills needed to challenge social taboos about sexuality-related issues for personal health and well-being.

Ground Rules

In order to provide a safe, positive, and productive environment for all participants to share their thoughts, we provide the following ground rules to all attendees at the beginning of the program:

  • What is shared in this room, stays in this room. Please be conscious that this is a safe space to share sometimes personal issues, and that outside this room may not always be safe.  Please respect and keep the things others share confidential.
  • Please be aware that when you are sharing, others are not. We welcome everyone to share their thoughts, concerns, and questions, but please allow others an equal opportunity to speak and share their perspective.
  • To keep this a safe space for all, please refrain from passing judgment on others with your comments.
  • Please try to use ‘I’ statements and speak directly from your own experiences. Be conscious not to speak on behalf of others who are or are not present.

Assault Awareness

Sexual assault and relationship violence victims and survivors can have a different experience as it relates to the topics we discuss. Since nationally, 1 out of every 4 women on a college campus will be or has been sexually assaulted, some participants may not relate to the conversation the ways others will. This is normal, as everyone has different ways they react to and heal from sexual assault and relationship violence—no one way is “right.” A trained advocate is present at each session to guide the discussion to include the voices and experiences of those who have suffered sexual abuse and assault.


Got Sex? is organized by Vandal Health Education; the Women’s Center; Dr. Erin Chapman; UI VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood; the LGBTQA Office; Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho, HIV Programs, Eclectica, and Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse. For questions, concerns, and suggestions for new program topics, please call the Women's Center's Assistant Director for Programs, Bekah MillerMacPhee, at (208) 885-2777 or by email.