Vagina Warriors from the Vagina Monologues presented by the University of Idaho Women's Center

Vagina Warriors

VAGINA WARRIOR: A vagina-friendly person of any gender identification who embodies the spirit of equality and empowerment, and assists in the battle to end violence against women.

Each year on opening night of the Women’s Center production of “The Vagina Monologues” we honor a student, a staff/faculty member, and a community member for their involvement in initiatives that address violence against women on campus and in society at large.

Allie Fuller


Senior Allie Fuller is one of those rare individuals who see a need and move to fill it, no matter how challenging the road ahead. Through her role as an ASUI Senator, last year Allie noticed students were not happy with the culture surrounding violence against women on our campus. “As a result, I started looking into ways to get involved to make a change,” says Allie. She started volunteering for ATVP and learned about ways to help her fellow Vandals. She discovered the Green Dot bystander intervention program that encourages and empowers individuals to take action against violence and is working to bring it to UI. She also created the ASUI Director of Safety and Violence Prevention position, dedicated to networking with community and university resources to promote safety and violence vzprevention for students with the goal of culture change. A native of Walnut Creek, California, Allie is studying Child Development and Family Relations  with a Family Life Option, and will be studying for her law degree at the University of Idaho College of Law in  the fall, with the goal of “helping families and individuals who are victims of violence make their way through the legal system. I realize that violence against women is a very big issue in our culture and I hope that I can  help change that before more people get hurt.” A three-year member of the Delta Gamma Fraternity, Allie has served an ASUI Senator since Fall 2010. Allie Fuller is a Vagina Warrior because she leads, inspires, educates  and does the hard work toward creating a safer and more inclusive campus.

Erin Chapman

ErinChapmanErin is a faculty member in Family & Consumer Sciences at U-Idaho. She is a tireless advocate for  comprehensive sexuality education, sexual health awareness, and healthy relationships, continually  emphasizing the importance of good communication, clear expectations and boundaries, and a sense of  humor as key elements of happy, healthy, and satisfying relationships. Of her work, she says, “The ‘I want to  know about sex and relationships’ bug got me in my first semester of college, when I took a human sexuality course. I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t know about a very human thing…really, a very “everywhere in nature” thing. I believe that if we talked more honestly about sex, sexuality, identity and healthy relationships with children and young people, we would benefit greatly as a society… lower rates of STIs, lower rates of unintended pregnancies, lower rates of abortion, less heartache, less intimate violence, less confusion, less sex-ploitation, less hatred. These very human issues of sex, sexuality, identity, and relationships are at the  root of our lives; if we don't tend to them, other aspects of our lives (school, work, health & well-being) will  suffer.” Erin is a trusted and valued long-time friend, supporter, and ally of the Women’s Center and LGBTQA Office. In the community, she volunteers with the Unitarian Church, teaching the young adolescent   component of the sex ed curriculum, Our Whole Lives (OWL). Erin is originally from Iowa, loves live music and cheesy jokes, and enjoys the company of her family and friends, her partner, Brooks, and their 5 four-legged children: Corky, Pansy, Bea, Bacardi, and Stoli.

Jennifer Whitney

JenniferWhitney Jennifer Whitney is no stranger to hardship. After working to overcome oppression in her personal life, Jennifer has come into her own as a woman, an activist, a mother and a powerful example of what one caring individual can accomplish. Jennifer has touched many lives, and works tirelessly for social justice, human rights and reproductive rights. She knows how oppression feels, and she has taken that knowledge and transformed it into empathy in action. After earning her degree in Sociology from the University of Idaho as a non-traditional student, she launched into the battle for reproductive rights. As a community organizer for Planned Parenthood, she lobbies for choice, lectures on sexual health, organizes phone banks and starts hard conversations with people who can affect policy change. As board president for Inland Oasis, Moscow’s LGBTQ advocacy organization, Jennifer is leading the organization into a new era, building and expanding on their HIV, support group and annual Pride programs in an effort to raise awareness, educate, provide free and accessible HIV testing and more. Jennifer brings a positivity and collaborative spirit combined with real  humanity to every person, every event and every day she meets. The mother of three believes that it is  everyone’s responsibility, as a citizen of their community and of the larger world, to invest her time, energy  and passion into the principles she espouses. Jennifer had a rough year in 2012, surviving a car accident that dealt a severe blow to her physical well-being. Still, she kept the spirit of advocacy and activism alive. We  honor our community Vagina Warrior, Jennifer Whitney, for her unwavering commitment to service and  justice, and her compassion for others, even in the face of great personal challenges. She is an inspiration  and a true warrior.