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Body rEvolution

Body rEvolution wants to overthrow and replace established societal norms about body image! We hope to engage and inspire students to think about our bodies in an entirely different way. Body image and eating disorders disproportionately affect college-age students. This peer education and outreach program is activism in action!


Body rEvolution is a student-led peer education and outreach internship facilitated by the staff in the University of Idaho Women’s Center and the Counseling & Testing Center. We are now accepting applications for interns for the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters. Each intern will be expected to complete an online application and 90 hours of engagement with the internship for 2 credits in WMST 498 or SOC 498. Instructor permission is required to register for the course. Contact Lysa Salsbury at for more information.


Body rEvolution is not your average eating disorder awareness presentation. This is an inspiring and introspective exploration of the way that historical and societal influences have contributed to our sense of self, and the negative consequences that have resulted. But the presentation doesn’t end there… we want to truly spark a REVOLUTION—a radical change in society, and a complete, marked changed within ourselves.

This 45 min. presentation followed by Q&A is delivered by a cohort of students registered for the Body rEvolution internship, and promises to engage new perspectives and educate about a critical issue on college campuses. Bring Body rEvolution to your residence hall, sorority or fraternity chapter house, or class! Just email or call 208-885-2777 to schedule a presentation. We hope you’ll want to join the rEvolution!