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Women's Center

Women's Center
University of Idaho
Memorial Gym, Rm 109
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Women's Center
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about us

About Us


To promote and advocate for gender equity on campus and in the community through programs and services that educate and support all individuals in building an inclusive and compassionate society. 


Integrity | We acknowledge the prevalence of gender identity/expression and sexual orientation discrimination and other oppressions in our society. We seek to empower those who strive to end these and all other forms of inequity. To this end, we promote and uphold an ethic of honesty and sincerity in our actions, values, and principles. 

Understanding | We are committed to practicing compassion, openness, and empathy towards all, without passing judgment or making assumptions.

Inclusion | We affirm the dignity and worth of all individuals by offering welcoming and inclusive programs and services. We recognize and honor the many social and cultural identities that add richness and complexity to our campus and communities.

Engagement | We pledge to model and encourage active advocacy for women and other marginalized groups, providing guidance and opportunities for students to be catalysts for positive social change.

Collaboration | We strive to build creative and productive relationships on our campus, in our community, and with individuals, organizations and agencies. We recognize the importance of learning and honoring all voices.


The University of Idaho acknowledges and supports the principle that everyone is a unique person who possesses diverse qualities and traits, and who interacts with diverse others within a larger inclusive civil society.

At its core, the University of Idaho embraces the complementary principles and behaviors of diversity and inclusion.  We seek to protect and promote a respectful and civil learning environment for the discussion of the concepts and the development of practical skills associated with diversity and inclusion.

As a place of learning and training, the University adheres to the standards of ethical and civil diversity and of inclusive discourse and action within our classrooms, offices, hallways, student organizations, and gathering places.

The University community values people of diverse cultures, classes, races, ethnicities, sexes, gender identities, mental and/or physical abilities, citizenship, nationalities, sexual orientations, religious backgrounds, ages, epistemologies, academic disciplines, veteran status, life experiences, and identities.  As a living document this list is intended to be additive as we become a more inclusive learning community.

The University community welcomes and respects all people.