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Cessation Resources

Project Filter Idaho Fights TobaccoProject Filter is Idaho's Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. They are housed within the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Project Filter works to educate the public about the resources available to help individuals quit using tobacco. Project Filter contracts with Idaho's seven Public Health Districts to address tobacco prevention and control at the local level. 

The university and community provide many resources for cessation which have been included below. 

80% of tobacco users want to quit and the average attempts is 6 times to quit and stay quit. Studies show that with effective tobacco cessation counseling, the chances of successful cessation doubles. 

Cessation Resources For Students, Employees, and All Idaho Residents

1-800-QUIT-NOW: Idaho residents can call the Idaho QuitLine to speak with a trained quit coach. They provide private counseling and support, advice on crafting a quit plan, skills to help break old habits, and help deciding which cessation products or medications may be beneficial. Idaho residents can also access 8 weeks of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (gum, patch, or lozenge). Is a web-based quitting program. It helps tobacco users quit by offering a wide variety of tools. You can also access the 8 weeks of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (gum, patch, or lozenge) on this site. 

Free Local Cessation Classes: The Millennium Fund in Idaho provides funding for free cessation classes offered throughout the Health District. In Moscow, Gritman Medical Center provides one-on-one sessions with a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. Visit for a complete list of cessation providers.  

Cessation Resources for Employees: 

Employees of the University of Idaho are eligible for free nicotine replacement therapy. The products are covered under the RX plan as a result of Health Care Reform.  Employees simply get a prescription from their doctor and take it to a pharmacy to be processed.  They would then pay 0% for the covered tobacco cessation medication.  Generic medications are covered.

For more information on resources feel free to email: