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Tobacco Policy

Smoke and Tobacco Free UI Fall 2015

It is the intention of the University of Idaho Tobacco Task Force that effective Aug. 24, 2015, all University of Idaho properties will prohibit the use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, snuff, snus, water pipes, pipes, hookahs, chew, and any other non-combustible tobacco product.

The intent of the proposed tobacco-free policy is to improve the health and safety of all students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

  • Started as a class project

    The initiative to creating a tobacco-free campus originated from a movement sciences class project. Four students were tasked with developing a needs assessment on implementing a tobacco-free policy and started with research from other universities. 

    We researched what other universities were doing effectively as well as what did not work. The student group was invited to speak at a Fresh Air Campus Challenge Event in Portland, Oregon where they made even more contacts within the region. 

    Upon completion of the needs assessment portion of the course work the student group was tasked with forming a survey to collect student opinion. The student group met with the stats department to develop appropriate methods of data collections. 

    The survey was approved through the IRB and distributed on campus. After a week of allowing students to take the survey online, emailing the survey to 2000 random student emails, and distributing a physical copy of the survey to random groups on campus, the survey results were in. 985 students took the survey which was more than enough for an appropriate sample size, as per the stats department, for our student population size. 87% of participants were students. 51% favored a tobacco-free campus and 62% favored a smoke-free campus. The student group took these results and their research to several committees on campus.

  • ASUI Resolution
    After a presentation by the student group, ASUI drafted resolution S13-04 which passed through ASUI Senate with a 13-2 vote. The resolution stated that they are, “encouraging that the University of Idaho Faculty Senate and administration review the University of Idaho on campus tobacco policy”
  • Moving Forward
    Upon completion of all tasks assigned to the student group, the project was handed off to the Health Education Coordinator and a tobacco task force was formed. The task force was tasked with developing a plan for creating a tobacco-free policy. It is the position of a majority of the task force to push for a completely tobacco-free campus versus smoke-free or designated areas. We have come to this conclusion after extensive research into what is the right thing to do for our campus. This website plans to share that research with the students, staff, faculty, and visitors of the University of Idaho. We welcome any and all questions, comments, or concerns.
  • Tobacco Task Force Members-Spring 2014

    Trish Hartzell, Chair of Faculty Senate
    Gail Eckwright, Secretary of the Faculty 
    Brian Mahoney, Chair of Staff Affairs
    Ali Bretthauer, Manager TCS
    Daniel Trautvetter, Interim Health Education Coordinator
    Jennifer Deffenbaugh, Public Health-Idaho North Central District
    Heidi Henson, Public Health-Idaho North Central District
    Helen Brown, Faculty-Movement Sciences
    Jim Martinez, Director of Policy-ASUI
    John Nuhn, Health and Wellness Director-ASUI