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Student Affairs

Student Affairs
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Three students hanging out on the lawn in front of the Idaho Commons building talking and studying.

About Student Affairs

While there are a diverse number of programs associated with the Division of Student Affairs, they all have one thing in common they are there to help create transformational experiences for students at the University of Idaho.

The Division of Student Affairs believes that your experience at the University of Idaho should be about more than just attending classes, earning credits and walking away with a degree. You should leave the University of Idaho with a richer understanding of yourself, of your goals and capabilities and with tools that will allow you to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Sometimes these transformational experiences come in the form of activities that allow students to become more involved and engaged in the campus community, or in the global community. It could be attending an alternative break service learning project or becoming part of a club or organization and helping to organize students and advocate for issues.

Transformational experiences also come when we help students learn from poor decisions that they made and work toward healthier, better decisions. Our Judicial Affairs and Student Conduct departments help students correct inappropriate behavior and gives them the tools to examine these behaviors and find alternative responses.

The Division of Student Affairs is also connected with a number of student services such as counseling and tutoring, career building services, a campus medical clinic, pharmacy, dietitian, and psychological services.

Part of the College experience also involves exploring new interests and developing healthy habits. The Campus Recreation center offers a state-of-the-art health and fitness facility with exercise equipment and classes and the outdoor program provides students with programs that encourage them to learn new activities and skills that they can enjoy for their entire lifetime.

The Division of Student Affairs fosters these opportunities for students and helps to create an environment at the University of Idaho that is not just about obtaining a degree but about developing skills that will enrich an entire lifetime.