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University of Idaho
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Office of Multicultural Affairs
phone: (208) 885-7716
fax: (208) 885-9494
TLC 230
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Moscow, ID 83844-2439

Meet the Mentors

As a member of a multicultural team, the peer mentor is responsible for assisting multicultural students in adjusting academically and socially to the University of Idaho environment. Peer mentors provide students with information about services offered through the University of Idaho and encourage students to utilize these services. Through their work PACE Peer Mentors are also models of academic responsibility, community and multicultural communications. 

2013-2014 PACE Mentors

Kiani Canales

Major: Biology & Pre-Med
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests: Volunteering, Dance, Watching Greys Anatomy, Traveling
Why Mentoring:To be an additional resource and a positive role model to first year students

Diego Hernandez

Major: Electrical & Computer Engineer
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests: Movies, Sports, food, and clubs
Why Mentoring: I want to share my positive experience with other people and through PACE I am able to do that.

Jonathan Landa

Major: Civil Engineering
Year in College: Second Year Student
Interests: Music, Art, Beatboxing
Why Mentoring: To help make first year students feel at home at the university

Ashley Maes PACE Mentor 2013
Ashley Maes

Major: Mathematics
Year in College: Junior
Interests: Math & Physics, Hiking, Backpacking
Why Mentoring: I became a PACE Mentor for the Office of Multicultural Affairs because I enjoyed my experience as a mentee for my first year at the University of Idaho. It only felt right to return to enrich the life of a college student like myself

Erin Miranda

Major: Exercise Science & Dance-Physical Therapy
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests: Debate, Public Speaking, Dancing
Why Mentoring: To help incoming students adjust to a new lifestyle while at school

Gissel Navarro

Major: History
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests: Pandas, Traveling, Volunteering
Why Mentoring: To help first generation students become accustomed to life at college

Fredy Olmos

Major: Political Science
Year in College: Junior
Interests: Law, Civil Liberties, Advocating rights
Why Mentoring: To be a positive role model for new students

Jamal Sanders

Major: Business Marketing
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests: Ultimate Frisbee, Biking, Photography
Why Mentoring: I experienced great success by having a mentor and want to help others in the same way

Jordan Sanders

Major: Renewable Materials
Year in College: Senior
Interests: Architecture, Sustainable Energy, Art
Why Mentoring: To help assure students will have a successful first year and meet new people

Jackelyn Sedano

Major: Psychology
Year in College: Second Year Student
Interests: Being Social, Sports, Being Involved
Why Mentoring: I love being involved with the university as well as providing a positive experience for others

Samantha Tanigawa

Major: Management & Human Resources
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests:Reading, tennis & scrap booking.
Why Mentoring: To provide support system and help new students balance school & social life.

Courtney Tanner

Major: Interior Design
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests: Art, Traveling, Animals
Why Mentoring: To help new students find their way around the U of I campus

Karinda Tiweyang

Major: Political Science
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests: Drawing, Hiking, Traveling
Why Mentoring: To help ease the transition for first year students

Janea Wallace

Major: Psychology
Year in College: Junior
Interests: Cooking, Baking, Basketball
Why Mentoring: To provide guidance and advice to first year students

Katharine Wongmankitkan

Major: International Studies & Pre-Nursing
Year in College: Junior
Interests: Traveling, Trying new foods
Why Mentoring: To positively guide and assist students through their first year using my own experiences