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Office of Multicultural Affairs
phone: (208) 885-7716
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TLC 230
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Meet the Mentors

As a member of a multicultural team, the peer mentor is responsible for assisting multicultural students in adjusting academically and socially to the University of Idaho environment. Peer mentors provide students with information about services offered through the University of Idaho and encourage students to utilize these services. Through their work PACE Peer Mentors are also models of academic responsibility, community and multicultural communications. 

2014-2015 PACE Mentors

Eric Alvarez

Major: Political Science and Spanish
Year in College: Junior
Interests: Politics, outdoors, love
Why Mentoring: I want to mentor students because I have a passion for helping people succeed.

Chelsea Butler

Major: Psychology
Year in College: Senior
Interests: Cooking, Reading, Fishing, Video Games.
Why Mentoring:I would like to help other students enjoy their time at the University as much as I have and be there for them when they are in need. I think it is important for a student to have someone to help guide them through the tough times during their education.

Izaiah Dolezal

Major: International Studies and Sociology (Spanish Minor)
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests: Travel, music, movies and people
Why Mentoring: I wanted to be a mentor because the transition from either High School, or another school is oftentimes a stressful one. Having people who you can go to for help, or even just to talk to, is a vital part of success in college. I hope to be able to give a student that they want or need.

Danielle Enebrad

Major: English Lit and Spanish
Year in College:Senior
Interests: Reading, Writing, volunteering, spending time with friends and family
Why Mentoring:I enjoy getting to know new people, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do that as well as doing my best to offer guidance.

Maribel Franco

Major: Elementary Education Minor in Spanish
Year in College: Senior
Interests:I enjoy outdoor activities, I also enjoy being involved in Campus Organizations.
Why Mentoring: I am mentoring because I want to be able to help guide students as they are transitioning into college. I want to see them succeed and I think that this is a great opportunity.

Alex Ortiz

Major: Psychology and Sociology
Year in College: Sophomore
Interests: Netflix, sleeping, hanging out with friends, like to try new things, like to travel and to new places.
Why Mentoring: The reason why I chose to be a Mentor is because I love working with people and helping people. It makes me really happy knowing that I have helped someone and any way that I possibly can.

Gareti Vargas

Major: Latin American Studies and Spanish
Year in College: 4th year senior
Interests:Learning a bit about different cultures, travel, and laws.
Why Mentoring: I like helping others. I like to take on the role model role.