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Stephen Krempl Growing Your Executive Minds Flier

Growing Your Executive Minds (GEM)

Growing Your Executive Minds (GEM) is a training workshop designed with college students in mind.  GEM is a program which trains undergrads about what American MNC (multi-national corporations) executives and their managers expect of them within the workplace. GEM also trains business success when working together (worldwide).

With GEM (to the corporations), Krempl Communications International is looking at influencing American and other western  corporations to this approach of equipping their Asian/Multicultural top talent to stand out and do well in their organizations.

 GEM training entails:

  •  Offering student undergrads (traditional and non-traditional) a series of programs that transforms necessary business and behavioral knowledge which is key to succeed within American corporations.
  •  Enhancing communication skills to help one standout and show confidence once you’re in that corporation (what your executives would be expecting of you) 
  • Educating participants on how to become top talent. 
  • How to build relationships and trust with various stakeholders across the organization.
Krempl Communications International is looking to promote GEM trainings as an industry norm for all identified Multicultural top talent within American multi-national corporations.

Who is your trainer – STEPHEN KREMPL?  Stephen Krempl is a dynamic Asian-born leadership expert and trainer who has risen through the highest ranks of global MNC's. Krempl has worked with Fortune 500 companies for more than two decades. At Motorola he rose to become Regional Manager before working with PepsiCo Restaurants International and YUM Brands (where he last served VP YUM University in Louisville, Kentucky USA). An author of several books  including,  Training Across Multiple Locations, Leadership ER, Making Your Message Stick Singapore-born Stephen has coached hundreds of executives in the U.S., Europe and Asia on organizational and behavioral change. Krempl, a Singaporean who was until recently Chief Learning Officer of Starbucks based in Seattle, is CEO Krempl Communications International.
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UNITY exists through the support and resources of the Office of Multicultural Affairs to create energetic engagement and constructive dialogue with diverse clubs and underrepresented populations at the University of Idaho.   UNITY seeks to advocate understanding by creating a campus environment that commits to and acknowledges our deepest convictions through active participation across lines of differences.
 The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) seeks to broaden the University of Idaho’s commitment to cultural enrichment and academic excellence by maintaining an environment that supports multiculturalism and promotes inclusion. OMA believes that each member of the University of Idaho community makes a valuable contribution to the intellectual and social culture of the University.