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University Organizations

There are more than 180 student organizations at the University of Idaho that welcome the participation of non-traditional students. A comprehensive list of clubs can be found at For more information, contact the Student Activities & Leadership Office, located on the third floor of the Idaho Commons building, at the top of the grand staircase: IDC 302. General email:; club and organization questions:; phone: (208) 885-6331.In addition, the following campus groups are open to and encourage involvement by non-traditional students:

International Friendship Association – Originally created to help students connect with local families, the International Friendship Association has grown to serve students and surrounding communities in many important and meaningful ways. The International Friendship Association sponsors welcome potluck dinners during orientation week for the fall and spring semesters. New and returning international students get to meet community members at the end of orientation week. The good food and informal setting create a warm atmosphere for people to get to know one another. For more information, contact the International Programs Office at

Non-Traditional Student Support Group – Many non-traditional students are returning to school after a significant absence. The purpose of the non-traditional student support group is to maintain a support system and relieve stress through networking and fun. For more information, please contact the Women’s Center at 885-6616 or email

SODA – Sexual Orientation Diversity Alliance is an organization open to all students who are interested in extending civil rights to all Americans. SODA serves as a support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) law students, in addition to law students who have family and friends in the GLBT community. Our main goals are to (1) educate our school and our community about GLBT issues, and (2) to participate in legal issues that affect the GLBT community in Idaho. Furthermore, we provide information and networking occasions to GLBT law students in order to increase educational and career opportunities. Through these goals and opportunities we hope to promote understanding and acceptance among all. SODA’s blog is at

Students with Disabilities Group – The mission of this group is to empower students to remove barriers which prevent equal and integrated access to the classroom and campus life. For more information, contact Disability Support Services at (208) 885-6307 or email

25 + Vandals- This is a facebook group for Non-Traditional UI Students. This group is a great way to stay informed on UI events and resources. You can join this group by clicking HERE. This group is managed by the UI Women's Center

Mothers, Fathers, Scholars- NEW U of I group for student parents. The mission of this group is to, through a coalitoin of student and faculty, work towards an equally accepting University experience by providing the support that many families need while earnig their degrees at the University of Idaho. Contact Grant Louis for more Information.