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Idaho Commons

The Idaho Commons
875 Line Street
Moscow, Idaho 83844
Phone: (208) 885-CMNS
Fax: (208) 885-(6210)


Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Dr.
MS 2540 

Commons Hours

Friday*: 7 am-8pm
Saturday*: 9am - 8pm
Sunday: 10am - 12am

May be open later for after-hours events scheduled in advance.
See Holiday Hours

Pitman Center

Pitman Center
709 Deakin Avenue
Moscow, Idaho 83844
Phone: (208) 885-INFO
(208) 885-4636 


Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Dr.
MS 4251  Moscow,
ID,  83844-5251.

Pitman Center Hours

Friday*: 7 am-8pm
Saturday*: 9am - 8pm
Sunday: 10am - 12am

May be open later for after-hours events scheduled in advance.
See Holiday Hours

Image of Keys on a Key Ring

Key/Vandal Card Access

Key and Vandal Access: Application and Return Procedures

How to Apply for Access

  • Use the Online Form

    • Key Order Pick-up Procedures

      The Access Control Manager (ACM) or Assistant will contact you when the requested key or vandal access is ready.

      When you go to pick up the keys . . .
      • You must show a Photo ID to confirm your identity
      • You must sign each key agreement
      • The ACM is to keep all forms. If you would like a copy for your files, the ACM will make one for you. The ACM must keep all originals.
      • Vandal Card access will be revoked after one week if key agreement is not signed.
    • Important Policies

      Important Policies

      • All students shall be issued keys on a temporary basis, renewable yearly and are due on the last day of the semester.
      • All permanent university staff will be issued keys on a permanent basis. However keys are due for return immediately upon leaving employment within any department located in either the Idaho Commons or Student Union.
      • A $25 fine will be charged for each key that is lost, stolen or otherwise not returned after five working days of the due date.
      • An agreement must be signed for each key issued.
      • No key (or card access) shall be lent to or shared with another individual. Violation of this rule will result in the revoking of key privileges and in some cases could lead to civil or criminal prosecution.
    • Vandal AccessKey Holder's Responsibilities
      • After-hours access is for work only. Never use your access for personal reasons.
      • After entering or leaving the building after hours, make sure the door latches behind you. Take a moment to listen to the door latch. You are entering/leaving a secured area. Make sure you maintain that level of security.
      • Do not let others into the building. Even if someone says they have left their Vandal Card or key at home - DO NOT LET THEM IN. You are only authorized to let in yourself. Always keep your Vandal Card with you at all times. Security patrolling the building will ask to see your identification.
      • If you see a door propped open, close it. No doors should be left open at anytime. This is a security, as well as fire, hazard.
      • If you see anyone suspicious or anyone vandalizing any part of the building, report it immediately. (After hours call 9-911) Help us keep our buildings in the best possible condition.
      • If the fire alarm goes off while you are in the building, leave immediately.
    • Key Return Procedures
      Return all keys to room 406 Idaho Commons Building, Commons Administration Office.

      The keys must be placed in a key envelope with the following information:

          Name of key holder
          Vandal card ID number
          Telephone number
          A list of keys returned

      Do not mail keys! Return keys in person to guarantee their receipt at the Access Control Management Office.

      You will be charged a $25.00 fine for each key not returned.

      Key Return Envelopes are available at the Commons and Student Union Information Desks. If you have questions not addressed by this page concerning key and Vandal Card access, please contact:

      Mark Miller
      Campus mail: 2540