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Sexual Health

In this section you will find information on

Contraception and safer sex,

Sexually transmitted infections (STI's),

Resources available on campus and in the Moscow community,

...and if you still can't find what you are looking for, ASK US ANYTHING!

Sexual Health Education Programs

Sexual Responsibility Week

A campus campaign to raise awareness about sexual health, resources, STI prevention, and birth control. Click here for details about the 2015 campaign!

Got Sex? Sexual Education Series

A campus forum to promote discussion around issues of sexuality, reproductive health, birth control, social pressures, sexual practices, and risky behaviors.  The program is hosted from 5:30-7pm on the 4th Thursday of the month.  Click here for details of the next program.

Sexual Health Month

We talk about sex all year long, but every October we'll have a special line-up of events, happenings, and activities to delve deeper into sexual health.  Check back in the fall to learn about what's happening!

Presentations available upon request

Sex Talk & Blow Pops
Presenter/Facilitator: Dr. Erin Chapman
Description: Ask, discuss, and learn about healthy relationships and sexual behaviors. This Q & A session will provide participants with an opportunity to ask and discuss any questions they may have that has been on their mind. Request HERE.

This Thing Called Love

Presenter/Facilitator: Dr. Erin Chapman
Description: This thing called love has been immortalized in books and poems, theorized by scholars, and discovered by many more. However, love is not experienced the same by all. Love is bliss, confusing, and sometimes painful. In this program, love will be discussed in humorous, but in an intellectual manner. Request HERE.

Got Sex?

Everything you wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask! Join us for a discussion in Mem Gym 109. More