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The following presentation topics are available upon request. We appreciate 7 days advance notice, but will do our best to accommodate all requests. Click on the Request a Presentation button on the left to submit your inquiry. If you cannot find the topic that you are looking for, select "Other" and let us know what topic you are interested in hosting.

General Health

  • What's Up with My Wellness Wheel?: Wellness is a weighty word with a big definition.  Learn about 6 components of wellness and see where you stack up. Maintaining balance in physical health, social health, emotional health, occupational health, spiritual health and intellectual health takes some work, but finding the right balance in your wellness wheel can keep you on the road to success and happiness!! 
  • Maintaining a Healthy Active Lifestyle:  In a world of fad diets, weight loss gimmicks, and contradicting information, this session will provide tips and tools to help you work toward your health and nutrition goals. We can all take small steps to improve our health!


  • Healthy Eating on a College Budget: Eating healthy can seem like an expensive alternative to fast food and microwave meals, but with some simple grocery shopping tips, cooking skills, and preparation, a healthy diet can be delicious and affordable. We'll also share tips and tools to help you navigate food choices on campus (including Bob's Place).
  • Healthy Cooking Made Easy--Demonstration: Eating a healthy diet with minimal kitchen "gadgets" and cooking skills can seem daunting. Host a Healthy Cooking Made Easy Demo to learn some simple, tasty recipes, sample your work, and gain the skills to recreate them.
  • Stress and Nutrition: An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but what about the pounds? Learn the link between stress and nutrition. From emotional eating to final exam food cravings, every college student has experienced the stress eating phenomenon. Simple and fun tips will be provided to empower and educate.
  • Healthy Body Image and Eating Disorders: Learn about fostering a healthy body image, how to identify the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder, and how to help a friend struggling with disordered eating with a thought-provoking and engaging discussion. 


  • GREEN DOT--Overview Workshop: Looking out for each  other is one of the most powerful tools to keeping our campus safe.  Host a member of the Green Dot team to lead activities about “green dots,” “red dots,” and what that means for our campus!
  • Healthy Relationships:  This presentation discusses elements to a healthy relationship such as respect, personal boundaries and healthy conflict. We will also addresses aspects of an unhealthy relationship and what to do if a relationship becomes abusive. All presentations can be tailored for a specific audience.
  • Sex Talk & Blow Pops: Ask, discuss, and learn about healthy relationships and sexual behaviors. This presentation and Q & A session will provide participants with an opportunity to ask and discuss any questions they may have about keeping their relationships and sex lives healthy.  Charm's Blow Pop candy provided!! Groups requesting this presentation should plan on 75-90 minutes of fun, lively discussion, tricky questions, and more!
  • This Thing Called Love: This thing called love has been immortalized in books and poems, theorized by scholars, and discovered by many more. However, love is not experienced the same by all. Love is bliss, confusing, and sometimes painful. In this program, love will be discussed in a humorous, but intellectual manner.

Alcohol & Other Drugs

  • Red Watch Band: Red Watch Band is an alcohol bystander intervention program designed to help students recognize the signs of acute alcohol poisoning and how to intervene to keep students safer. Groups requesting this training should plan on 90 minutes.   
  • Alcohol 101:Everything you need to know about alcohol and college—practice pouring a standard drink, learn strategies for a safe party goer’s experience, and bystander tips to keep your friends safe.

Mental Health

  • Finding a Balance--Stress & Time Management: While managing stress and managing time are two different things, they seem to go hand in hand.  Learning to manage your time and your commitments wisely can help you stay on track and minimize your stress levels.
  • Sick of being Homesick!: Host a couple upper-class Peer Educators to facilitate a discussion on homesickness, overcoming the challenges of being away from home for the first time and tips to adjusting to college life.
  • Question, Persuade, and Refer (QPR) Suicide Prevention: Learn three basic steps to help a friend in distress. In this presentation, participants will learn the warning signs of suicide, the importance of speaking up, and how to find help for someone thinking about suicide.


  • Additional topics may include but are not limited to: Anxiety, Depression, Stress Reduction Strategies, Dating Violence, Technology as a Weapon, Stalking, Interpersonal Violence: Unique Challenges for Members of the LGBTQ Community, and How to Help Survivors of Violence.
  • Still don't see what you're looking for?  Click on the Request a Presentation button on the left and tell us what you need.  We'll do our best to accommodate most health topic requests.