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Gerald the Office Invader

Meet Gerald

Gerald the Office Invader in a UI OfficeGerald is a yellow, inflatable, waving, tube-man used for promotional purposes. He has an indoor, noise-reducing air blower and will be traveling from office to office on the University of Idaho campus to raise money for Chase, a 10-year old boy with a brain tumor near his optic nerve.

Gerald will be invading Dean Pitman's office first on April 7th and can't wait to travel around campus to send Chase and his family to Walt Disney World! Gerald is excited to see how far he can reach, and can't wait to see the inter-office and campus interaction he creates. The event will go through April 18th. 

Help us raise money to send Chase to Walt Disney World!

Meet Chase

Make a Wish Foundation fundraiser for ChaseChase is a 10 year-old boy from Moscow, Idaho. Chase is adopted with 6 siblings and is a huge San Diego Chargers fan. Unfortunately Chase has a brain tumor near his optic nerve. Due to the location of Chase's tumor he is blind in one eye and quickly losing vision in the other. Chase's wish is to travel with his family to Walt Disney World and meet his favorite Disney characters.

How the Fundraiser Works:

  • $20 places Gerald in any office on campus for an hour
  • $30 sends Gerald away
  • General donations are also accepted through the University of Idaho Marketplace

Through the University of Idaho Marketplace anyone can pay $20 to put Gerald the air dancer in any office on campus for one hour. There will also be an option on the University of Idaho Marketplace to send Gerald out of your office for $30 if you’d rather not keep company with our air-dancer for the hour. 

Opting Out

University of Idaho Greek Life wants to give everyone the opportunity to participate in our fundraiser, but understand that not everyone may be willing. If you do not wish to take part in our fundraiser, please email us.

To opt out include the following in your email:

  • name
  • office location
  • reason for not wanting to participate so we can cater our future fundraisers.

If you would like to make a donation to the cause and opt out, this is also an option through University of Idaho Marketplace.