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Kappa Delta

Nationally Founded: October 23, 1897 Farmville, Virginia
Founded at UI: November 15, 1997
Flower: White Rose
Colors: Olive Green and Pearl White
Jewel: Diamond, emerald, & pearl
Motto: "Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest"
Number of chapters nationally: 142 
National headquarters location: Memphis, TN 

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Sisterhood Activities:

“The purpose of Kappa Delta Sorority is to promote true friendship among the college girls of our country by inculcating into their hearts and lives those principles of truth, of honor, of duty, without which there can be no true friendship.” – The Kappa Delta Purpose

Sisterhood is one of the most important things to Kappa Delta and we treasure our relationships with our sisters.  Throughout the year we like to do several activities together to strengthen our friendships. 

  • Beach Retreat: We kick off each year with a trip to a local beach, where members can spend time playing games, getting to know each other, and having fun in the sun!
  • Big/Lil Sis Program:  A very special part of our sisterhood, new members will receive a Big Sis early in the year to serve as a mentor and close friend during their time in college.  The Big/Lil relationship builds strong bonds in the house and gives a true sense of family within our chapter.  
  • Senior Week: Senior Week is a special time where we honor our graduating seniors and welcome them into our circle of alumni members.  Activities throughout the week include a “How Well do you Know Your Seniors?” game, as well as “Mourner’s Dinner”, where seniors “will away” items to the younger members and reflect on memories in Kappa Delta.
  • Activities: Other sisterhood activities include candle passes, attending sporting events together, movie nights, various craft activities, team building, shopping, coffee dates, and taking weekend trips to nearby cities.
Academic/Scholarship Activities:

Kappa Delta’s academic plan is based on an incentives-based program.  Our chapter does not require mandatory study hours; instead we rely on each member to find a method of studying best suited for her.  The chapter house has a “study lounge” that is equipped with complete access to the internet, professor files, test files, and many academic books. By taking these steps to better our collegiate experience academically, Kappa Delta is preparing its members for responsible citizenship outside of college.

  • Study Crown: A weekly award given out by the Academic Chairs to a member who has been studying hard, has done really well on a test, or has shown a lot of improvement.
  • No-Skippy Jar: A weekly award given to a member who attends all of their classes during the week.
  • Study Raids: Held randomly throughout the week, the academic chairs will award members they find studying or doing homework by giving them candy.
  • “Mom’s Fridge”: Members who receive an “A” or “B” on an important test/paper can post their achievements on a special board in the study lounge in the chapter house. 
  • Smarty Pants: Members who achieve a 3.5 or higher during the semester are eligible to purchase a pair of “smarty pants.”
  • Academic Awards Banquet: Each semester we celebrate our academic accomplishments with a special dessert banquet where we recognize women who have achieved high scholarship.  Members who achieve a high GPA will be rewarded with $5 gift certificates.  Members who achieve a 4.0 will also be rewarded with a pearl to add to their KD membership badge. 
Philanthropic/Community Service Projects:

  • Shamrock Project: Our annual soccer tournament that raises money for both local and national charities.  All money raised goes towards one of Kappa Delta’s four national philanthropies, Prevent Child Abuse America, as well as local organization, Prevent Violence on the Palouse. 
  • Girl Scouts of the USA: Members love being involved with the Girl Scouts!  We host a variety of activities for the local troops, such as pumpkin carving, tea parties, and workshops about confidence and standing up to bullies.  Girl Scouts of the USA is another of Kappa Delta’s four national philanthropies. 
  • Confidence Coalition: National Kappa Delta helped organize the creation of the Confidence Coalition, an organization that is committed to promoting confidence among girls and women by empowering them to overcome social barriers and inspiring them to reach their greatest potential.  Our chapter helps promote confidence among women and girls through our work with the Girl Scouts, by celebrating International Women’s Friendship Month, and International Girls Day.
  • “You Make Me Smile” Campaign: As part of the Confidence Coalition, National Kappa Delta created the “You Make Me Smile” campaign where member and others write confidence-boosting messages on blue balloons and hand them out randomly to women and girls on campus, at events, on the streets and other busy places in the community.  Our chapter participates in this event during September when we celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month.  

 Social/Campus Activities:

Kappa Delta’s continuous involvement around campus has enriched the college experience for all of our chapter’s members.  As Kappa Deltas, we believe that college is a time to grow and learn, to discover issues that are important to us, to get involved, and of course, have fun!    

  • Campus Activities: Members of our chapter are involved in clubs and organizations such as the Student Alumni Relations Board, University of Idaho Homecoming Committee, Vandal Marching Band, the Vandaleers, Dance Majors and Minors Club, Photography Club, Pre-Vet Club, Collegiate Farm Bureau, Livestock Judging Club, Psychology Club, and more!
  • Dances: Our chapter hosts four dances per year; Initiation Dance, Snow Ball winter Formal, Set Your Roommate up With a Date (SYRD) Dance, and Emerald Ball spring formal. 
  • Socials: Kappa Delta hosts a variety of socials each year with fraternities, sororities, and multi-cultural Greek chapters.  Some of our events include: tie exchanges, speed dating, formal Halloween dinner, ice skating, formal Valentine’s dinner, and more!
  • Intramurals: Our chapter participates in every intramural event offered! 
Awards and Honors (campus & national): 
  • 2012 Greek Award: Excellence in Continuous Open Recruitment
  • 2012 Greek Award: Excellence in Philanthropy
  • 2012 Greek Award: Outstanding Community Service
  • 2012 Greek Award: Panhellenic Sorority of Excellence
  • 2012 Greek Week: Second Place Overall
  • 2012 Greek Goddess: Danika Stromberg
  • 2011 Overall Intramural Champions
  • 2011 Greek Award: Excellence in Web Design
  • 2011 Greek Award: Excellence in Scholarship
  • 2011 Greek Award: Outstanding Campus Involvment 
  • 2011 Greek Award: Chapter Choice Award
  • 2010 Overall Intramural Champions
  • 2010 Greek Goddess: Erica Kober
  • 2010 ASUI Outstanding Freshman: Mary Pomes
  • 2009 Homecoming Champions
  • 2009 Overall Intramural Champions
  • 2008 Overall Intramural Champions
  • 2007 Overall Intramural Champions
  • First place overall in Homecoming 2006
  • Intramural Swimming Champs 2006
  • Intramural Golf Champs 2006
  • Intramural Horseshoe Champs 2006
  • Intramurals Dodgeball Champs 2005
  • Highest Senior Class GPA of all sororities 2004
  • Second in Sigma Chi Derby Days, First in Banner Competition 2004
  • Second in Intramurals Flag Football 2004
  • Winners of Spring Blood Drive 2004
  • Phi Delta Theta Turtle Derby Champs 2003
  • Most Improved Academic Program 2003
  • Second in UI Homecoming 2002
Recognized by Young Child and Family Program for our voluntary and financial support.