Sigma Nu

Nationally Founded: January 1st, 1869 at Virginia Military Academy
Founded at UI: March 25th 1915
Colors: Black, Gold, & White
Flower: White Rose
Motto: Love, Truth & Honor
Number of chapters nationally: 193
National headquarters location: Lexington, Virginia

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Brotherhood Activities:
For the last ninety plus years, Sigma Nu has been continually considered to have the best brotherhood on campus. There are numerous reasons behind this valuable characteristic that we proud ourselves upon. First and foremost, our candidate process builds high character men who will undoubtedly be leaders in society at any given time during their respective lives. In addition to this, during the candidate process new members gain an unwavering respect and admiration for the principles that Sigma Nu is ultimately based on. To build intra-relationships among all members, on a monthly basis brotherhood activities are held with the entire participation of Delta Omicron members. These events usually involve poker tournaments, sporting events, camping trips, and numerous other activities.

Academic/Scholarship Activities:
Sigma Nu annually is in the top ten of best academic fraternities on the University of Idaho campus. Almost a decade ago, our renowned scholarship program was implemented to teach all members the essential elements behind being productive and successful in all university academic endeavors. The members of Sigma Nu take pride in their academic livelihoods and undertakings.

Philanthropy/Community Service Projects:
Since 1915, the Delta Omicron chapter of Sigma Nu fraternity has had a rich tradition of philanthropic activity. Sigma Nu fraternity is considered to be not only an Honor fraternity, but a Gentleman’s fraternity as well. This truth carries through with the Delta Omicron chapter’s dedication to community service. Each year all new members are required to brainstorm, create, participate and follow through with a unique philanthropy of their pledge classes’ choice. Philanthropic activities are highly regarded within Sigma Nu and this is evident the moment that a man rushes our fraternity. Also, beginning in the fall of 2006, Sigma Nu Fraternity created Sigma Nu Alcohol Awareness Week. Annually, Sigma Nu holds Sigma Nu Alcohol Awareness Week (SNAP) to promote alcohol awareness and abuse prevention.

Past and Current Philanthropies:
  • Sigma Nu Alcohol Prevention Week (2006)
  • Up til Dawn/St. Jude’s Children Hospital (2005, 2006)
  • Make a Difference Day (2006)
  • Sigma Nu Shootout (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006)
  • Built benches for the University of Idaho student/faculty population (2004)
  • Remodeled a children’s daycare (2003)
  • Painted Moscow elementary school (2001)

Social/Campus Events
Sigma Nu has always believed that an active role both within the University of Idaho Greek system as well as the surrounding communities of the Palouse is absolutely crucial. Members of Delta Omicron believe in building positive and productive social ties with all members of the Greek community. On a bi-weekly basis, members of Sigma Nu participate in numerous social events and functions with fellow fraternities and sororities. Each event is usually different, yet the end result is always the same: an enjoyable event that fosters cohesive bonds with other members of the Greek system. In addition to these social activities, Sigma Nu also holds annual camping trips, raft trips, date dinners, and dances. At the end of each year, the esteemed White Rose formal dance is held. This function by far is the most rewarding and pleasurable experience for the members of Sigma Nu and their respective dates.