Phi Delta Theta

Nationally Founded: December 26, 1848 in Oxford, OH
Founded at UI: November 25, 1908
Colors: Azure & Argent
Flower: White Carnation
Motto: One Man is No Man
Number of chapters nationally: 172
National headquarters location: Oxford, OH

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Brotherhood Activities:
When a young man comes to college, there are many things any one student will have in common with another; they both came to school for an education, they both subsist on a gourmet cuisine of Ramen and Cup-o-Noodles, and neither want to spend their time hanging out in a dorm room. Many students decide to enliven their college experience by pledging to a Greek Fraternity, of which Phi Delta Theta is one of the oldest and foremost international Fraternities. There are many reasons to join a Greek organization - scholarships, leadership opportunities, a cool place to live - yet we believe that the most important aspect of any Greek organization is the brotherhood and the friendships that are created, and Brotherhood is one of the three cardinal principles of our Fraternity. The brothers of Phi Delta Theta enjoy many fun activities such as Football and Ultimate Frisbee barbeques at Robinson Park, dodgeball competitions at Memorial Gym, and pickup games of basketball on our own court at the Chapter House, not to mention our Whitewater Rafting trip at the beginning of the year, Phi Formal, Founder’s Day, and a host of other dances and activities.

Academic/Scholarship Activities:
The brothers of Phi Delta Theta are very lucky in that we have had many successful alumni from our Moscow chapter that have given back in the form of endowments and scholarships. We have three such scholarships, one of which is the largest private endowment available to Greeks on the U of I campus. Our three scholarships include:
  • Carol Howe Foster Memorial – (about $8000) - This is a huge scholarship that is awarded to members of Phi Delta Theta during their senior year, and pays for all expenses including tuition, room and board, books and fees, as well as a little spending money to boot. To receive this scholarship, a member of Phi Delta Theta must live in-house their first three years, and maintain a GPA above the all-men’s average (currently 2.84) during their sophomore and junior years. This scholarship is awarded to ALL members that have met the requirements, not just one member.
  • Richard Edward Simpson Memorial – ($500) – This scholarship was set up as a memorial to Richard Simpson, who was a sophomore living in-house when he suffered a heart attack and died en route to a test at the University Classroom Center. Richard was a promising young member of the chapter and this scholarship was set up in his honor. This scholarship is received by a sophomore living in-house that has the best grades in his pledge class after three semesters.
  • Robert Douglas Dingle Memorial – ($100) – This scholarship is in memorial to a brave young Phi Delt that fell serving his country during the First World War This scholarship is awarded to the freshman who had the best grades in his pledge class.

Philanthropic/Community Service Projects:
We are home to one of the largest and longest-running Greek philanthropies on campus, the annual Turtle Derby. Local sororities face off in a series of turtle races before the climatic final race of our own turtle “Killer” versus the ever timid Fiji Rabbit. We are proud to have been hosting the annual Turtle Derby since its first appearance in Moscow in 1957. Since its inception, the annual Turtle Derby has been incorporated into Mom’s Weekend festivities attended by U of I moms, so expect crowds in the hundreds at this philanthropy that usually raises about $1500-2000 dollars for local charities. In addition to this traditional philanthropy, the brothers of Phi Delta Theta participate in setting up for and running the local Hullabaloo Halloween Carnival held at the East Side Market Place every Halloween season, as well as participating in many of the sorority and fraternity philanthropies held by other chapters in the Greek community.

Social/Campus Activities:
The rigors of college learning can place a toll on even the most astute student, so the members of Phi Delta Theta believe in breaking up the drudgery of studying with a variety of social events. Social functions with sororities such as root beer float exchanges, ice cream socials and Five-dollar formals are a fun way to meet girls. Dances such as our Pledge Dance, Initiation Dance and Phi Formals are always a good time, and annual events such as our Founders Day celebration give us a chance to meet the many alumni that have been a part of the chapter.

Awards & Honors (campus & national):

  • Community Service Citation 1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003
  • Membership Recruitment Award 1999-2000
  • Province President Trophy Honorable Mention 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003
  • 3rd place in Homecoming 2000
  • Bonfire Bessie Homecoming Spirit Award 2000
  • 2nd place in Greek Week 2001
  • 2nd place in Delta Delta Delta Frats at Bat 2001