Lambda Chi Alpha

Nationally Founded: November 2, 1909 at Boston University
Founded at UI: June 21, 1927, Re-Colonized: March 1, 2009
Motto: Vir Quisque Vir (Every Man a Man), Χαλεπα Τα Καλα (Naught Without Labor), Per Crucem Crescens (Crescent in the Cross)
Flower: White Rose
Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold
Number of Chapters Nationally: 200
National Headquarters Location: Indianapolis, IN

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Brotherhood Activities:
Lambda Chi Alpha believes that every member should be a true brother. We are the first fraternity to put such a large focus on a strong, lasting brotherhood. Our True Brother Initiative runs off the motto “Not four years, for Life.” To strengthen these bonds, Lambda Chi Alpha put aside the traditional pledge program of other fraternities in favor of the Associate Member Program. Every member, initiated or not, is treated as a brother of our bond. There is absolutely no hazing, and new members may make an impact from day one. Through retreats, camping trips, movie nights, barbeques, sports, and other regular brotherhood activities, we build relationships among our members every single day. Even our alumni come back regularly for brotherhood events, keeping that bond, and those connections, going long after our members graduate.

Academic/Scholarship Activities:
Lambda Chi Alpha understands that an education is the foremost reason for attending college; therefore, scholarship is the number one priority of all of our members. Our chapter boasts a broad range of majors, giving our new members resources unavailable to most students. We have academic big brothers that will help with homework, give suggestions on which professors to take classes from, and can give new members other crucial advice that will help them succeed here at the University of Idaho. We also have test banks that can assist students in studying for different classes.
We have the most generous academic scholarship program of any fraternity at the University of Idaho. Incoming members qualify for up to $1500 by having a GPA of 2.8 the previous semester at the University of Idaho, or a 3.0 coming out of high school. Each semester after that, students may earn a scholarship of up to $2000 with a 3.2 semesterly GPA.

Philanthropic/Community Service Projects:
Lambda Chi Alpha prides itself on its involvement in and generosity towards the community. We are internationally known as a philanthropic group, with our national fraternity sponsoring the North American Food Drive. Last year Lambda Chi Alpha donated 2,966,779 pounds of food. Our chapter has lived up to our founding as a service organization. Our involvement ranges from being involved with sorority philanthropies, feeding the homeless, working with the university’s center for philanthropy, helping rebuild devastated areas both at home and abroad, as well as our own philanthropic events.

Social/Campus Activities:
Our chapter recognizes that much of the learning in college happens outside the classroom walls. For this reason, we require extracurricular activities from our members. Every single member of Lambda Chi Alpha at the University of Idaho is involved with at least one extracurricular activity, with 70 percent of those members holding leadership positions. We find this helps make our members better students and better members of this campus socially. Our strong involvement has even caused some clubs to use our house as a meeting place, strengthening those relationships. We also try to participate in everything on campus. We work to participate in all events, be the philanthropy events, Homecoming and Greek Week events, leadership conferences, or intramural sports. Another way we stay involved in the campus is through our social events. Whether it is through our Lambda Chi Wednesday barbeques, socials with various sororities, or one of our numerous other social events, we work to build relationships with everyone on campus. We understand that our social events are not just to have fun now, but also to make our members better men. Therefore, our social events include programs on etiquette, teaching our members how to tie a tie, and how to behave at a business dinner or other formal setting. We do this to develop our members into well-rounded men who can be socially excellent in any situation.

Awards & Honors (campus & national):
Our chapter has won awards on both the campus and international levels. Two of the last three student body presidents have been members of Lambda Chi Alpha. We also placed first in Greek Week in 2011 and second in both Greek Week and Homecoming in 2010.  Lambda Chi Alpha’s international headquarters awarded our chapter for Community Involvement and Recruitment.