Nationally Founded: May 1, 1848 at Jefferson College
Founded at UI: 1920
Number of chapters nationally: 115
National headquarters location: Lexington, KY

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Brotherhood Activities:
The Mu Iota Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta is a true secret society. The value of brotherhood is extremely important to each member. They continual have activities that build the brotherhood bond and events that will make it stronger. With such a high value on brotherhood the members hold the activities sacred and do not share the experience with others. Many of the internal operations of the chapter are held sacred and are only for members. This is an old fraternity tradition that has survived since it was founded. It is one characteristic that makes this chapter unique from the other University of Idaho fraternities.

Academic/Scholarship Activities:
The chapter and its members have a high academic standard. We have been first in grades three times in the last six years. We have scored above the all men’s and all fraternity average for the last sixteen semesters consistently placing in the top three out of eighteen fraternities. These are great honors for us and prove we are successful students. Our scholarship program is unique in the fact that we do not require our members to participate in scheduled study tables. We offer the Academic Achievement Award, which awards an automatic $250 scholarship to every new member who achieves a GPA equal to or above a 3.0.

Philanthropic/Community Service Projects:
Our members are involved in many projects throughout the community. We participate in the sororities' philanthropies, highway clean ups, and elementary school volunteer programs. We take great pride in giving back to our community and supporting others' charities and foundations.

Social/Campus Activities:
The members of Phi Gamma Delta are highly active on campus. We have teams on university intramurals, members of Associated Students of University of Idaho, and active members in many campus and academic clubs and committees. We also host several social activities that include, the Black Diamond Formal, the Secret Sweetheart, the Valentine's Day Dance, Purple Garter, and soon to come, Islander.

Awards & Honors (campus & national):
International fraternity award for highest scholarship
International fraternity Chapter advisor of the year for two years
International fraternity social service special recognition