Nationally Founded: April 15, 1905
Founded at UI: October 12, 1957
Colors: Gold, White, And Green
Flowers: Red and White Roses
Motto: Builder of Men
Number of chapters nationally: 30
National headquarters location: Kansas City, MO

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Brotherhood Activities:

  • Big Brother Program- used so new members can have someone to help mentor them, social events together, as well as help with academics Regional Leadership *Conferences-national, and regional conferences held every year with other chapters, with the region changing across the northwest and into Canada
  • Social Gatherings-in house poker tournaments, bowling at local lanes, concerts, camping trips
  • Road Trips-Trips to Canada and other FarmHouse Chapters
  • Intramural Sports- football, basketball, softball, billiards, ping pong, and many more recreation and competitive teams
  • Bible Studies-weekly Bible Studies for those interested

Academic/Scholarship Activities:

  • Study Table Program-a few hours of required study for younger members to get them off on the right foot in college
  • Weekly Scholarship Meetings-weekly meeting counted towards study table hours that checks members progress with school
  •  A Test Drawings-pizza giving to "A" tests every week B or better board-way to congratulate members on quizzes, papers, and tests
  • Scholarships- scholarships to incoming members, senior book scholarships, Brian Ellis Memorial Scholarship, LeTourneau Scholarship, Natural Resources scholarships, National Scholarships
  • Bi-Annual Steak Dinner-for good grades


Community Service/Philanthropy Activities:

  • Halloween Insurance to benefit the Shriners Hospital
  • Many campus related philanthropies with sororities
  • Volunteered to help clean up fairgrounds
  • Roadside Cleanups

Social Activities

  • Luau on the Lake with Kappa Sigma’s
  • Graffiti Bash
  • Beach Volleyball out back
  • Annual Camping Trip
  • Initiation Dance
  • Winter Formal/Santa Balls Gift Exchange
  • Mom & Dad’s Weekend
  • Movie Night
  • Homecoming and Greek Week
  • Annual Football Game

Awards and Honors (campus & national)

  • National Chapter Award of Achievement
  • 1st Place Homecoming Poster for male living groups
  • National President's Cup received Summer of 2006