Delta Sigma Phi

Nationally Founded: December 10th, 1899 City College of New York
Founded at UI: May 25th 1950
Flower: White Carnation
Colors: Nile Green and Carnation White
Motto: "Live. Learn. Grow."
Number of chapters nationally: 200
National headquarters location: Indianapolis, IN

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Brotherhood Activities:
We take pride in our chapter, and we promote the highest of manhood spiritually, mentally, and socially. We feel we have a wonderful and welcoming place to call our home. "Delta Sigma Phi is a place where members develop character and live by a set of time honored traditions." One way we develop character is through our brotherhood events, like Pumpkin Carving, Secret Santa, and retreats where we hang out and build our bonds of brotherhood.

Academic/Scholarship Activities:
We strive for academic excellence. Our goal is to meet or surpass the campus all men's average. We have a great study program within the chapter which is used to promote learning and the importance of striving to do our best. "College began with a choice. You chose to push yourself to achieve higher goals and strengthen your knowledge of the world." Much of our program involves a schedule of study tables. We also use incentives to encourage people to study and do well, such as, preferences for room selection and kitchen schedule given based on GPA. Our chapter also awards an annual scholarship based on academics.

Philanthropic/Community Service Projects:
Our biggest philanthropy is our Bike to Boise. Bike to Boise is a two-day tandem bike ride from Moscow to Boise that raises money for a chosen charity each year. We raise anywhere between $4,000 to over $10,000 in a given year for Bike to Boise. "Delta Sigma Phi makes men into campus leaders and community partners." We also participate in many sorority philanthropies and ASUI sponsored volunteer events.

Social/Campus Activities:
We organize and hold several annual social events such as the Fall Cruise, Pledge Dance, Carnation Formal, the Sailor's Ball, and Founder's Day Date Dinner. Many of our members are also involved in campus intramurals: Flag Football, 3-on-3 Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, Softball, and many more! 

Awards and Honors (campus and national):
Gamma Iota Man of the Year, Pyramid of Excellence, Mr. Delta Sig, Charles Bartell Award of Alumni Excellence.