Alpha Kappa Lambda

Nationally Founded: April 22, 1914 at Cal Berkley
Founded at UI: May 11th 1968, Re-Chartered: April 25th 1992
Motto: "Alethia Kai Logos (The Truth and the Word)"
Flower: Yellow Rose
Colors: Purple and Gold
Number of chapters nationally: 33
National headquarters location: Indianapolis, IN

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Brotherhood Activities:
Alpha Kappa Lambda believes in building a brotherhood that is lasting. We dedicate many of our efforts to becoming "brothers" in the true fraternal sense. Our brotherhood activities take on many forms. Regularly, our chapter holds "pass the gavels." This is an opportunity for our men to share anything that is on their minds with their brothers, and for our men to learn about their brothers concerns. Other events we schedule include our chapter retreats, our brotherhood nights, and our alumni events. Our annual Founder's Day Celebration has become a testimony to the brotherhood we have built at the University of Idaho. Each year, the majority of the our chapter's alumni from all years return to Moscow for a weekend of bonding and celebrating Alpha Kappa Lambda.

Academic/Scholarship Activities:

Scholarship is one of Alpha Kappa Lambda's Five Ideals. It has become a focus of our chapter activities over the past few years. Our chapter has chosen to build an incentive based scholarship program. Each semester, our members are recognized for their scholastic efforts at our Scholarship Dinner. All members with a GPA above 3.0 receive cash for their grades. The cash rewards are anywhere from $25 for a 3.0 to $200 for above a 3.75. In addition to cash, every member above a 3.0 is served a prime rib dinner, and 4.0 student get any dinner they want, with no limit.
Alpha Kappa Lambda believes in the development of the whole man. For this reason, we go beyond just the scholastic endeavors of class, and host our own programming from particular topics. Our chapter programs range from business etiquette and how to tie a tie, to how to maintain dietary needs. All of this is an effort to help our members develop into balanced men.

Philanthropic/Community Service Projects:
Alpha Kappa Lambda was originally founded as a service organization. This is something that resonates within our chapter today. Our chapter enjoys taking on service projects. Some of the service events that our chapter is involved with include: raising money for alternatives to violence on the Palouse, canned food drives, adopt a highway, all sorority philanthropies, and many other projects. Our chapter's involvement in community service and philanthropic works has earned us the last three IFC community service awards and the last two national Alpha Kappa Lambda awards for service. This recognition reassures us that we are living up to our founding as a service organization.

Social/Campus Activities:
Our chapter believes that college is both a socially and educationally maturing process. For this reason, our chapter hosts a wide variety of social events and campus involvement. Our social events include: Yellow Rose Formal at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Canada, numerous dances throughout the year, Neanderthal Ball in the spring, ice cream socials with various sororities, BBQ's, and many other events. Our chapter is also very involved on our campus. We are highly competitive in campus intramurals. We typically have members participate on up to seven different teams for each of the intramural events, with skill levels ranging from our A-Teams to our teams just playing to have fun. Our attitude of just have fun has helped us to win three of the last five overall Intramural Championships. Our chapter also tries to stand out in our involvement in Homecoming and Greek Week. We participate in all aspects of these weeks, while having fun doing them. We are current Homecoming and Greek Week Champions.

Awards & Honors (campus & national):

Both our chapter and our members have been recent recipients of campus and national awards. Our chapter is currently the Homecoming & Greek Week Champions on our campus and winner of the IFC Community Service Award and Public Relations Award. Nationally, our chapter has won four-consecutive Founders Award. This is an award given once every two years to the best Alpha Kappa Lambda chapter in the nation. We have been very honored to have been the recipient of this prestigious award so many times. Many of our members have been recognized locally in the many groups and clubs in which they participate as leaders, and also we have had two men be named Greek Man of the Year, one Homecoming King, and one New Greek Man of the Year. Nationally, we have had two men receive the Brehm Award for Leadership and Service.