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Take Out Sessions

Takeout Sessions

What is a Takeout Session?

Take-Out Sessions are designed to be functional, fun, and informative. In order to accomplish this, the program delivers an experience that will help your team to grow and in turn help your student organization meet its goals. Workshops are flexible in order to provide support in the particular areas that you request.

The Process is Simple

  1. Place your order by emailing:
  2. Attend the workshop
  3. Give us your feedback

The Menu

  • Communication
    Generous portions of emotional intelligence simmered in individual and group strategies, served on a baked shell of the verbal and nonverbal language.

    Communication skills are vital to your organization’s functionality and improvement. In this workshop, you will learn to clearly and concisely convey ideas, read nonverbal cues, and listen with intent.

  • Conflict Management

    Premium conflict styles blended with seven spices, seared, chilled, and sliced razor thin. Garnished with fresh sense of self awareness and understanding of others.

    Conflict is a part of life and if managed effectively, groups are able to progress. In this workshop, you will learn more about your conflict management tendencies and how to turn conflict into a resource for finding creative solutions for working though difficult issues.

  • Delegation

    Medium serving of hard work sautéed in SMART goals, tasks, fresh ideas and free time served on a bed of empowering language.

    A common axiom is to work smarter, not harder; delegation allows you to do just that. In this workshop, you will learn language that empowers your group rather than micromanage them; how to set clear goals and assign tasks to meet those goals; and how your organization can accomplish more with less effort.

  • Event Planning and Facilitation
    Classic fresh vision statements wrapped in timelines and lightly sautéed. Served with member support, fresh inspiration and a lovely innovative glaze.

    Events are powerful tools to connect your organization to the community and accomplish many goals and objectives. In this workshop, you will learn about available resources, constructing timelines and deadlines, and how to get everyone on board.

  • Goal Setting

    The freshest cold-smoked brainstorms in Idaho, given our complementary accents of vision, priorities and zesty org values.

    Goal setting is a fundamental skill, but can be glossed over because it is so routinely taken for granted. In this workshop, you will learn to make SMART goals, capture your vision and prioritize activities so you can achieve your vision.

  • Leadership Transitions
    These freshly shucked leaders are presented with classic pairs of mentorship and collaboration.

    Leadership is the key to an effective organization, student or otherwise to ensure the success and enjoyment of future generations. In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare for the future of your organization.

  • Managing Your Budget
    These jumbo budgets are refreshingly chilled and served with house-made revenues and expenses with kick.

    In order for an organization to be successful, you must work with your budget to make cost effective decisions. In this workshop, you will learn to plot expenses, create timeline of activities’ costs, and make smarter fiscal decisions.

  • Marketing Your Event
    Publicity sautéed in promos until golden crisp, then tossed with a house blend of awareness and intrigue for a nice, fiery finish.

    Marketing is the tool that delivers information to students and brings them to you. In this workshop, learn how where to advertise, increase awareness and in turn get higher event attendance.

  • New Member Orientation
    A variety of recruits flown in fresh from both coasts crafted with fresh, local, artisan ingredients.

    New members hold an important role in being a part of the organization as they will one day carry one the legacy you build. In this workshop, you will learn basic recruiting methods, and how to involve new members and supporting new members.

  • Parliamentary Procedures
    Bringing order to variety of overpowering flavors through kitchen tested techniques.

    Strong parliamentary procedure allow groups of any size to discuss issues and come to majority agreement quickly while allowing everyone a chance to contribute. In this workshop, you will learn how to set fair and effective rules, resolve complex issues, and assure that everyone has a voice that is heard.

  • Raising Funds
    Pan roasted organic ideation stuffed with grants and sales, crisp resources and slow roasted strategies.

    In raising funds, it is important to first ask and answer the following questions: why are we raising funds? How much do we need? When do we need our funds? In this workshop, you will learn how to find the answers to these questions and also where to find funding.

  • Running Effective Meetings
    Artisan made group dynamics, baked in parchment paper with a sauce of participation, focus, clarity of purpose and attendance.

    Meetings are vital to the success of an organization, due to the fact that they create communication among members, ensure cohesion, and provide an environment for decision making. In this workshop, you will learn how to improve group cohesion, provide a climate for decision making, and increase group involvement and focus.

  • Team Building
    Lumps of succulent collaboration and cooperation with hints of sweetened communication and trust are perfectly paired with fresh, teamwork.

    The development of a successful organization depends heavily on effective teamwork. In this workshop, you will learn to increase trust, improve collaboration, and increase cooperative innovation.

  • Time Management
    Choose from critically acclaimed aged time management techniques, hand-carved and grilled to perfection.

    Time management skills are imperative to individuals and groups for accomplishing tasks, projects and goals. In this workshop, you will learn to manage interruptions, reduce procrastination, and improve prioritization.

  • Trip Planning
    A melt-in-the-mouth, one-pound plan, brings the sweet flavor of sunny shores right to your table.

    It is important to understand the effectiveness of management and team work while planning for a trip. In this workshop, you will learn to understand university procedures, define individual roles, where to find resources, and establish steps for preparation.

  • Web Presence
    Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In poached in a seasoned broth, served with a sweet taste of high visibility.

    A strong web presence will keep members and associates informed and in contact as well as keeping the public informed. In this workshop, you will learn to maximize your social media efforts, find website development resources, and define where the internet fits into your marketing plan.

  • Working with your Advisor
    Brined double cut advice with a skills and experience served with a sauté of mentorship and support.

    Successfully working with an advisor can be tricky for students and staff alike, but a positive relationship makes a world of difference for both. In this workshop, you will learn to establish shared expectations for both students and advisors.